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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Here in the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day to remember and honor our servicemen and women who died during service to our country. As a day of solemn remembering, I’ve...

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FREE Tulsa fun!

I’m pleased to guest post for The World is a Book’s 5 FREE Family Fun series! Click here to read all about it! Happy FREE travels, Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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Lego brick traveling tips

Legos are a favorite toy for all ages. This open ended toy allows for endless combinations and scenarios for imaginative play. They travel easily and work for all ages as soon as kids are...

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What NOT to wear

What NOT to wear when you travel. I realize I am preaching to the choir with this note, but  ….after reading what others are writing about what to wear when you vacation, I thought...

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Welcome Princess Charlotte

Welcome new Princess Charlotte! I. Love. The. Name. Don’t you? Even though I am here…way over in the US and have no reason whatsoever for anyone at all to care about me liking the...

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Tips for Wyoming visit

Prepare the kids! Get the wheels turning before a trip! Reading and talking about your destination helps the kids lay down a layer of knowledge they can build upon during your actual visit. Watch...