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Read before you go – NYC

One of the very best ways to help children (and grownups, too) understand, enjoy, and remember a vacation sight is to introduce it before you go. There are wonderful books about New York and...

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Fun suitcase!

Weeeeee!!!!! What fun is this suitcase??   Extra credit to the person who created this! Who said travel wasn’t fun? Available for the fun traveler in your life here. A version for kids! My...

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Visit Wyoming! Video

Wyoming is beautiful and a wonderful place to visit with the whole family. Click below to see the video. Wyoming – The Educational Tourist

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You never know what you’ll see!

Traveling means seeing new things! Sometimes those are expected like museums and statues. But other times, you’ll see new and different things in the parking lot! These seem too crazy to be true, but...

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Visiting Modern Art Museums with Kids

Sometimes beauty….and art is in the eye of the beholder. Like this:   Car submerged in milk? Car sinking into the floor? Man vs Lactose Intolerance? Sometimes art is hard to understand. Like this:...