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Family Vacation: What NOT to Wear

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  1. francaangloitalian says:

    I never carry pjs with me when travelling but I do have flip flops in my backpack, I use them inside, when I’m in hostels sometimes or at the beach.. they are super light and don’t take any space in my bag so I don’t mind them!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      We use them, too, for slippers in the hotel or going to the shower, but just not as regular shoes. They have a purpose! 🙂

  2. Jen Morrow says:

    HAHA, I always pack a pair of flip flops when I travel. They are perfect for going to the spa, beach, or wearing around yucky hotel rooms. And in tropical climates, they are a wardrobe staple. As for the modest clothes, that really depends on where I am travelling. Modest is a relative description anyway.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      You are so right about modest being a relative term! I just read something the other day where a woman in pants had to put a sarong over her pants while at a church abroad because someone at the church thought they were too tight!

  3. An interesting list of ideas! I don’t wear flip-flops when catching flights and on the move but I always pack a few pairs to relax in! Perfect for hot weather 🙂 I always make sure I bring a hoodie or cardigan for flights too!

  4. Kathy - Walkabout Wanderer says:

    I do love wearing flipflops but I can completely understand what you are saying. They do make your feet work harder and can be very unhygienic. Also they do not give your feet much protection.
    I love the part about words written across your bum. This is one of my biggest hates!

  5. valisesetgourmandises says:

    This article actually made me chuckle, as I could relate to a few points. I also hate when people are wearing too much perfume!
    Whenever I travel, I wear yoga pants with a long tshirt over a long tank top and a vest (even in summer in can get pretty cold because of the AC), sneakers and socks. Comfort is my top priority, but I also want to look nice 🙂

    My husband and I are thinking of going to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon, and I’m wondering if I should leave the bling at home. I have quite a few diamonds on my wedding ring and band and would be devastated if it got stolen! Any thought?

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Congrats! What a fantastic honeymoon spot! Everyone has their own comfort level for wedding rings and bling. I personally leave the bling behind on trips abroad because it is one less thing to think about, BUT I think that would be especially hard for a honeymoon as you are celebrating your marriage!

      • valisesetgourmandises says:

        I think I may be too nervous if I bring it… It will be our first time in Asia. So far the only “different” place we’ve been to was Morocco. I don’t know, I might end up feeling super safe in Sri Lanka but.. better safe than sorry I guess. I was thinking of buying just a cheap band to put on my fingers so people know I’m “spoken for” haha 🙂

        • NatalieTanner says:

          That would put your mind at ease! Great idea. Actually, you can find some really fun things on Etsy and have matching ones made just for travel. 🙂

          • valisesetgourmandises says:

            This is such a good idea! I’ll check it out, thanks! 🙂 This trip couldn’t come soon enough!

  6. Tyler says:

    I only wear flip flops in hostel bathrooms. I wouldn’t use them outside because they are flimsy and break easily. Great tip about the hat!

  7. Ivy says:

    Haha awww but I always wear flipflops everywhere. Especially on tropical islands because i t’s just too hot to wear anything else. I always wear layers though! So that cancels out the flipflops right? 😛

  8. Diana Chen says:

    YES – great tip about the flip flops. I always wear close toed shoes while traveling because you just don’t know what you’ll run into. And why anyone ever wears pants with words on the butt is beyond me!

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