Travel myths – BUSTED

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  1. Sarah says:

    Take your favorite Aunt on vacation, too!

  2. Excellent post! You raise some really good points. My first memory is my father pouring milk over my head because I wouldn’t finish it. Too bad it’s not riding a camel in Egypt! 🙂

  3. TravelingMel says:

    I am all for traveling with kids! It is more work, but more rewarding, too, in some ways. And I like your point abut them not needing to remember the details to get something from the trip.

  4. This is very reassuring! We don’t have kids just yet but plan to within the next few years, so we’re starting to think about ways we can continue to incorporate travel into our regular lifestyles even when we have kids. Some great advice here!

  5. onlybyland says:

    As I have a 2 and a half year old I have actually thought about this before. I take her away because I love to be with her and the pictures we take, she can look back on when she’s older. Hopefully they will mean something to her and she’ll probably want to go back and recreate the photos when she’s older. So the official age of being able to remember is 3 and a half, very good to know.

  6. Such an important post. Being an strong advocate of family travel, even with small kids, I can’t agree with you anymore. I always get into debates with people on this topic and i’ve traveled as a child and take my children on all my travels so I know.

    It’s great how you break down each myth and give examples including statistical data to prove your point. Thanks

  7. I can vouch for number 1! The earliest trip my youngest son can remember is Europe at 4yo. His fondest memories? Lining up for ‘hours’ for the Eiffel Tower and me buying him a laser pointer from a hawker to keep the peace. Leaving his game boy (remember those? He’s 21 now lol) in a park in the UK and having to pay for a rather expensive taxi to go back and retrieve it (yes it was still there!). Having to pay to go to the toilet. Getting upgraded to business class on the way home and the first class chef offering to make him a burger when he didn’t like what was on the menu. Buying load of cheap (probably stolen but I wasn’t asking!) Pokemon cards from a newsstand. Glad I could create a cultural experience for him lol. I agree just take them! Travelling with kids makes some of the best memories that you will treasure for years to come and talk about often. Even if it is paying to go to the toilet …

  8. Jean says:

    We don’t have children nor plans to ever have children. It’s always great seeing families with well behaved children off exploring the world. I don’t see why parents avoid it. Then again I guess some parental alone time is always needed!!

  9. Wonderful post! I love, love all the pictures…beautiful!!

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