Restaurant Review: Estiatorio Milos

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25 Responses

  1. This looks like an amazing meal! I love tuna, and yours looked so good. And that feta is definitely something I would be ordering!

  2. I love the design of the staircase in the restaurant’s interior! It looks so elegant! And feta is one of my absolute favorite cheeses! I’m dying to try that salad now just to see how much tastier their feta is lol! The humongous shrimp looks amazing, too! <3 <3

  3. arnav2806 says:

    Love the variety of sea food options. The appetizers look divine.

  4. Fresh Fish is always a delight. Even though I don’t eat fish anymore, I know the freshness of the fish would have added to the taste. That Lycée cocktail looks absolutely delicious. Once in a while, price should not come in the way of a good meal.

  5. yummm!!!! i am getting hungry now. you said it is pricy though – like around how much?

    • NatalieTanner says:

      LOL! Great question. I’m not even sure. I enjoy it more when I don’t know. LOL! It has four $$$$ though.

  6. Fab review. Love the variety of seafood. Sometimes its nice to have a night out WITHOUT the kids, eh?

  7. Ain’t nothing like some good fish! I prefer sweeter drinks as well, so I’m glad you mentioned that, especially with the pairings! Sometimes a sweet drink and a rich meal can just be overkill, y’know?

  8. Gennifer Rose says:

    Hi Natalie!

    That feta looks amazing! We went to Santorini this summer and I ate sooo much feta! Breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    xo Gennifer

  9. ilive4travel says:

    It looks like an amazing place. The food also looks so good. I will need to save some money to visit here when I go back to New York 🙂

  10. I never went there before, never went to NYC to be honest haha, but once I’m there I need to try this place. I love how it’s all so fresh, with a lot of variety. Definitely on my list from now on.

  11. Wow I have never even heard of this place and those fish are huge! Ill have to check them out

  12. I love New York and can’t wait to get back there! I’lol put Milo’s on my list for next time. The lychee martini looks amazing!

  13. Soraya @ Hello Raya says:

    This looks deliciously amazingggggg! I love all the fresh seafood and the sound of a lychee martini? YES PLEASE! Wow no wonder it’s one of the top restaurants in NYC.

  14. I adore seafood, especially when it’s fresh. Yum this place looks great! Also that cocktail you got sounds amazing. I’m obsessed with anything lychee flavoured so I’d LOVE one of those.

  15. Christina says:

    This is a detailed and useful description of the restaurant. I like seafood and grilled vegies so I’m sure this place would suit me fine. Lychee vodka martinis. Yum! How much did the meal cost for two?

  16. GeekGirlGoes says:

    Looks like a lovely place to eat! And, I love the sound of that lychee vodka martini! That’s my kind of drink! 🙂

  17. Maja says:

    Oh no! You can never be too full for dessert! You need to plan your dinners better 🙂
    I love how you described the salad – sometimes the simplest IS the best. Good feta is truly amazing.

  18. biancaayuu says:

    Wow! Hows the langostino? Does it taste like the ordinary shrimp? Such a lovely place to eat!

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