Adventures in Vatican City eBook


Explore this world class museum in Vatican City WITH the kids. This guide tells the story of the art and includes a scavenger hunt to keep your youngest art lovers intrigued and busy. Click, download, and print. Easy!!



This 29 page guide written for elementary aged kids helps you explore the world’s smallest country WITH the kids.

This Adventures Series in Vatican City Travel Guide is written JUST for elementary school aged kids and tweens. This book gives kids information about their destination to teach them and excite them about their trip! Kids who learn about the trip BEFORE they go retain more information. They’ll remember their trip more and be able to add this learning experience to long term memory. Imagine using your vacation to improve their school test scores and educational foundation because that is exactly what you are doing – investing in your trip AND your child’s educational foundation.

The Adventure in Vatican City Travel Guide Book is unlike anything you can just google for yourself.

I know because I tried to do that myself before traveling with my kids!! I have used my teaching background and mom knowledge to create a travel guide that includes FUN information and activities to help retain information AND – let’s face it, when kids are engaged and having fun then YOU are having fun, too!

These guides have been tried on my own personal kids! They work! Mom tested – Teacher approved!

What sorts of things will you read about?

Includes fun information and activities about:

Pope’s Clothing
Mail Service
Laocoon and his Sons
St. Peter’s Basilica
La Pieta
Dome of St. Peter’s
Swiss Guards
Sistine Chapel

 If you are headed to Italy with the KIDS you’ll be interested in these tips!

See where gladiators fought – Colosseum

Gelato vs Ice-cream – Tough choices!

Michelangelo – Are you SURE you know his story?

Vatican City – the kids will LOVE it!

The ONLY art piece Michelangelo ever signed

 But…that’s not all!!! Do NOT visit Rome without THIS book for the kids. It has all the info….How to drink out of the public fountains without getting soaked! Check out the CREEPY Rome and learn what the ancient Roman’s used for laundry detergent. Hint: Now we consider it anything but clean! Italy is awesome for kids!

The Adventure Series Kids’ Travel Guide to ROME!

1 review for Adventures in Vatican City eBook

  1. natalietanner

    One would think that the Vatican would not be an interesting place for children – especially small children five and seven years of age, but Ms. Tanner brings it all to life for the young and the young at heart. All the “before you go” work has been done for you and you and your children are in for an experience that the average tourist doesn’t encounter.

    Ms. Tanner tells the history of the Popes and MIchael Angelo which are such a major part of the Vatican and asks the children to study the paintings while telling them a story about what the artist was trying to portray. Also, in the Cistine Chapel she sends the children on a treasure hunt to discover various animals, birds and other items that the children delight in discovering. Through such activities as these and more, your child will remember this trip because they were allowed to participate in the many fascinating secrets and discoveries of travel.

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