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This Adventures Series Travel Guide to New York is written JUST for elementary school aged kids and tweens. This book gives kids information about their destination to teach them and excite them about their trip! Kids who learn about the trip BEFORE they go retain more information. They’ll remember their trip more and be able to add this learning experience to long term memory. Imagine using your vacation to improve their school test scores and educational foundation because that is exactly what you are doing – investing in your trip AND your child’s educational foundation.

The Adventure in New York Travel Guide Book is unlike anything you can just google for yourself.

I know because I tried to do that myself before traveling with my kids!! I have used my teaching background and mom knowledge to create a travel guide that includes FUN information and activities to help retain information AND – let’s face it, when kids are engaged and having fun then YOU are having fun, too!

These guides have been tried on my own personal kids! They work! Mom tested – Teacher approved!

What sorts of things will you read about in this written for kids Travel Guide?

This 38 page book is written for elementary school aged children. The Adventures in New York City book is a great way to get kids interested and learning about the big apple before a trip!

Information and activities on these cool things and MORE:

Phrases like “A New York Minute” – What can YOU do in a New York minute?

Time Square – Most expensive advertising place in the WORLD –

Billboards – The earliest US billboard was right here. What did it advertise?

New Year’s Eve ball – Weighs HOW much? Which famous crystal company makes the pieces?

M & M world – You can print an M&M with a picture or words. What would you choose?

Hershey’s Store – What is a niggly wiggly? Hint: There is one in every single Hershey’s kiss.

Broadway – Which show has been there the longest? Hint: It started in 1988.

Financial District – Learn about shares in a company. Which company would you like to own shares in?

Charging Bull – Put there without permission! How do you sneak in something SO big?

Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Largest known depository of gold bullion – buried below sea level!

Statue of Liberty – Paid for by LOTS of this small coin – Her arm is the length of a school bus.

Brooklyn Bridge – Home to nests of the world fastest animal. Not cheetahs…what is the animal?

Taxi – Why are they yellow? You don’t have to wear a seat belt – it is the law!

New York Pizza – What is the secret ingredient?

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4 reviews for Adventures in New York eBook

  1. Lydia Johns

    Lovely book! Great activities and information for kids traveling around New York City. I learned a few facts that our tour guide did not share when we were in NYC. Guerrilla Art! Love it!

  2. natalietanner

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Cindy

    Great book about the fun family activities in New York. Such an education for all. You have so much knowledge about so many places.

  4. Kristi (verified owner)

    Taking the kids to New York is on my list and this is such a great and helpful list for a kid friendly trip!!

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