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This 23 page Travel Guide on Canada is written for elementary and tween aged kids. Don’t leave home without it!!

This Adventures Series in Canada Travel Guide is written JUST for elementary school aged kids and tweens. This book gives kids information about their destination to teach them and excite them about their trip! Kids who learn about the trip BEFORE they go retain more information. They’ll remember their trip more and be able to add this learning experience to long term memory. Imagine using your vacation to improve their school test scores and educational foundation because that is exactly what you are doing – investing in your trip AND your child’s educational foundation.

The Adventure in Canada Travel Guide Book is unlike anything you can just google for yourself.

I know because I tried to do that myself before traveling with my kids!! I have used my teaching background and mom knowledge to create a travel guide that includes FUN information and activities to help retain information AND – let’s face it, when kids are engaged and having fun then YOU are having fun, too!

These guides have been tried on my own personal kids! They work! Mom tested – Teacher approved!

What sorts of things will you read about?

Includes fun information and activities about:

Beavers – Canada’s national symbol. Which body part of the beaver NEVER stops growing?

Moose – This ENORMOUS animal’s name means twig eater. A moose is really good at an unexpected physical activity! Can you guess which one?

Maple syrup– This pancake syrup comes out of a tree. Learn how to make tree sap into something to pour on your pancakes.

Totem poles – These tell the story of a family. Choose animals to create one for your family.

Inuksuk – A really old fashioned street sign

Zamboni machine – This machine improved ice skating rinks SO much! What does it do?

Loonie and Toonie – You’ll use these on your trip. What are they?

Caribou – The only member of the deer family where males and females both have antlers. What are their hooves shaped like?

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2 reviews for Adventures in Canada eBook

  1. Laura Baustian

    My hockey loving son enjoyed this book! He’s dying to go to Canada . Now that we have a better idea of where to go and some things to do, maybe we will finally go!

  2. Cindy

    Great information about one of the most beautiful places anywhere.

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