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This Adventures Series Travel Guide to Austin is written JUST for elementary school aged kids and tweens. This book gives kids information about their destination to teach them and excite them about their trip! Kids who learn about the trip BEFORE they go retain more information. They’ll remember their trip more and be able to add this learning experience to long term memory. Imagine using your vacation to improve their school test scores and educational foundation because that is exactly what you are doing – investing in your trip AND your child’s educational foundation.

The Adventure in London Travel Guide Book is unlike anything you can just google for yourself.

I know because I tried to do that myself before traveling with my kids!! I have used my teaching background and mom knowledge to create a travel guide that includes FUN information and activities to help retain information AND – let’s face it, when kids are engaged and having fun then YOU are having fun, too!

Each of these guides has been tried on my own personal kids! They work! Mom tested – teacher approved!

What sorts of things will you read about in this written for kids Travel Guide?

This 29 page book is written for elementary aged children. Kid will enjoy learning all about Texas’ capital city with this educational and fun activity book.

Includes information and activities on:

Bats – Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. Bats are NOT blind!

University of Texas – Home to the World’s largest drum at 8 feet tall! What is her name?

Live Music Capital of the World – What is Texas’ state musical instrument? Design your own!

Murals – Explore outdoor art that is WEIRD just like Austin. Austin’s slogan is actually “Keep Austin Weird”.

Austin’s favorite foods –  barbecue and peacans

Wildflowers – Who started the wildflower plantings? Hint: Everyone in the family has the same initials.

Boots – Do Texans ALL wear boots? Find out!

Austin’s Big Top Candy Shop – Real soda jerks and crazy antique circus decorations

If your travels take you to the capital of Texas you’ll be interested in these posts!

Texas State Capital – Why you should visit!

Austin’s WEIRDEST site – the Cathedral of Junk

Graffiti or art? Outdoor Hope Art Gallery 

4 reviews for Adventures in Austin eBook

  1. Kim Hartmann

    This is a great book. Kids can keep busy while learning something. I like the combination of facts along with places for kids to color and/or write things down. It seems like a good way to keep the kids interested and engaged. Great idea!

    • NatalieTanner

      Glad you loved it, too! Kids can have fun and learn at the same time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  2. Laura Baustian

    As the mom of two boys, I love so many features of this book. It encourages nonfiction reading, and has room for my boys to create their own versions of what they see and experience. It also creates a lasting memory book. I would highly recommend this book to friends.

    • NatalieTanner

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Educational and fun is the goal!

  3. Cindy

    Great book. It is great that you are local and can go check out all of the activities. You don’t even need to go far to be on vacation in Austin.

  4. Sarah McNiven

    As a former homeschooling mom, I was always looking for creative ways to take the learning out of the classroom. This book was such a help! My boys loved so many of the activities.

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