New Year’s Traditions: Why Important?

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  1. Revati Victor (Different Doors) says:

    I dont believe we have any “traditional” New Years eve rituals in India (and that’s probably because the Hindu religion has a different calendar (and the traditional new year is different for most states/ regions or cultures) usually signified by a beginning of harvest festival of some sort!

  2. Danik says:

    Good uplifting post for 2017.

  3. The New Year’s traditions in Belgium sound so charming – I think kids should do this all over the world!

  4. I never really saw the value in new years resolutions, but traditions certainly have a place in society and are a great way to keep connected to the past.

  5. I love NYE and NY Day and I love all the traditions that go with them – I am not a resolution person but I love the traditions of many countries that have fun celebrations around the world.

  6. Hra says:

    I love to learn about different traditions

  7. authenticfoodquest says:

    I like the idea of having traditions….there is so much to learn about people from their traditions. However, when it comes to New Year, I’m not much of a traditions person. The turn of the year is an opportunity to turn a new page, regardless of traditions.

  8. Beerandcroissants says:

    Interesting to learn about such traditions. We don’t have anything like that as an Australian. Great way to understand more about other cultures.

  9. My friends and I used to celebrate New Years with a bunch of traditions that take place throughout the world, like eating grapes at midnight, jumping off a chair and throwing a bucket of water out the window. It’s fun and unique.

  10. What an interesting way to spend the New Years! Sticking to traditions was a really good thought instead of drinking and partying which is what most people do these days. Because the true essence of Christmas and New year comes out when you spend a quality time with your near and dear ones.

  11. suraj says:

    thanks for sharing

  12. ruby Alex says:

    amazing post and happy new years to all thanks for sharing

  13. Wow, Some awesome traditions i got to learn

  14. happy new year everyone

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  16. mandy says:

    thanx for sharing

  17. nice post…thanks for sharing

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