Kalambaka, Greece Hotel – Alsos House

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  1. Abigail Sinsona says:

    The Meteora is one of my travel bucket list items too. What an incredible find with this hotel! The location is indeed beautiful as you can look up to see the majestic monasteries- and you are right the view of it at night is even more spectacular! What a view to wake up to!

  2. I love how beautiful it is here in Kalambaka. Greece is never somewhere I have considered going. The majestic rock is beautiful and lighting it up at night only makes it more stunning! The landscape here is out of this world! Great read, going to go check Greece out now haha!

  3. Raghav says:

    That one view of the mountain from your patio/balcony in the night is quite epic, with it all lighted up. I agree that accommodation can make all the difference and while I love Greece a lot, I just wasn’t aware of the Meteora Mountain. It’s always beautiful when someone invites guests into their house, and with history comes a lot of stories and a personal touch that no hotel can provide.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      That is so true. We felt a real connection to the place knowing so many generations had lived there. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Lisa says:

    Alsos House looks like a fitting place to stay for somewhere as special as Kalambaka. I think most souther Europeans tend to live, grow up and die in the house they were born in. I will consider this hotel when I return to Greece; I’d love to see Meteora again.

  5. I would love to see Meteora! Accommodation can definitely make a huge difference to a trip. Somewhere like this with a personal touch would be my choice if I go there!

  6. This looks like a great place to stay in Greece! Only been to Kos, Rhodes and Lesbos before, but there are so many more destinations I would like to see! Kalambaka is definitely one of them.

  7. Indrani says:

    I had been to Meteora. You got great views, it rained heavily the nights I was there.
    The Hotel Kalambaka seems so good from your description. If luck gets me there again I will surely try this place.

  8. Suma says:

    Alsos House not only sounds like homely stay, it is also perfect for families. Even I prefer my accommodation while travelling to be close to the locations I want to explore and should have clean rooms. Alsos ticks off all the important criteria, the meteora is like an icing on the cake.

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