Hotel Don Miguel: Ronda, Spain

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  1. Naomi says:

    This is excellent as I am actually planning my trip to Andalucia and wanted to include an overnight stay. I’d love to have friendly staff and an amazing view, but I’m check out the option for sure.

  2. Tripadvisor is there for a reason and if comments are objective, you should always trust them! I wish nobody what you went through and be at a place with not pleasant staff.

  3. As long as the rooms are clean, I really couldn’t care less if the staff doesn’t smile at me. Lol. Like you, I don’t get too fussy on it since I won’t be spending too much time with them. :p

  4. ljlegend says:

    I think when a hotel is clean and tidy and the only thing spoiling it is the staff and then its something the management should look into. But at the end of it a room is always just a place to to crash and it could have been worse, the hotel could have been the room from hell 🙂

  5. Diana Chen says:

    That’s a great attitude to have! Don’t let the cranky, rude people ruin your holiday. I would’ve loved to see more photos of the inside of the hotel, but from your description it sounds like a lovely hotel!

  6. Soraya @ Hello Raya says:

    It sounds like you still enjoyed your stay even thought the customer service was not quite up to standard. I do hope that the hotel will take note of this because it could start to affect their business. I love places with excellent views and its great to hear that the hotel offered wonderful views.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more, location really is king. It is make or break for me in choosing a hotel. It was a bonus your rooms were also spacious. Looks like you had a fantastic stay.

  8. kriswanders says:

    Customer service is something that they need to work on real fast. Good to hear that you still had a great time though. I loved it when you say “Just smile at the cranky people at the front desk.” haha! One way to enjoy is by not letting negativity creeps in. 😀

    • NatalieTanner says:

      They don’t deserve any extra time – smile and move on! Traveling is an amazing experience not to be ruined by a cranky person.

  9. Smidge says:

    I love reading the bad reviews on tripadvisor as this is how I find places I want to stay rather than the sniffy hoards! I don’t care about the staff. As you say location location location!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      You have to read them all to get a feel for places. A bad review now and again makes me trust TripAdvisor even more because it makes me think that they give all reviews and not just the good ones.

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