Fun Things to Do in Dallas, Texas

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  1. Mai Taup says:

    Wow! All the things you have listed make up for a good whole week in Dallas! The Sixth Floor museum would be really awesome to visit. Spots to visit aside, I would love to try real Texan food. I dunno if I could finish a plate of barbecue but I’d like to try one! Thanks for sharing!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      You don’t have to eat the whole plate, thankfully, and I hope you get a chance to try it. It is really good!

  2. What a great read! I haven’t been to Texas, but I would like to go now! This seems like such a fun place to visit. Also, thank you for putting down prices, and links to buy tickets. I really appreciate when people do that. Makes planning a trip a lot easier!

  3. Amy Chung says:

    So many great things to do. I have never been to Texas and I don’t know anything about cowboy/farm culture so I’d love to see a rodeo and a cattle drive one day! I reckon it would be so exciting.

  4. Michelle says:

    Such a detailed post! I liked how you included the cost for each place/activity and the times to visit. It’s very helpful for people like me who’s never been to Dallas. Thanks!

  5. Followingtherivera says:

    I’ve never been to Texas when I was in the US, and mainly because there’s a lot to see! I never knew Dallas had so many museums either, but now I do 🙂 ‘d like to see the art museum and aquarium, they’re 2 of my favourite things.

  6. shaily says:

    All these places sound quite interesting and super fun to explore. I didn’t know Dallas has so much to offer. The world aquarium looks amazing – reminds me of the underwater zoo in Dubai with a similar concept as well as the sharks. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. 🙂

  7. marta says:

    I just visited Texas a couple of months ago for the first time (it really is SO BIG)! Thanks for sharing this helpful guide with all of the information needed in one place (this is sooo helpful when traveling with kids and wanting to quick look something up).

  8. CJ says:

    I am planning to go to Texas in a year, I admit I am not one for museums but my fiance will enjoy visiting these.

  9. Veeyah says:

    Oh my goodness. I recently found out about size proportions in Texas after watching a trip to the place by one of my favorite Youtubers. So it really IS true? I NEED to go there. Hhahaha. Now about Kennedy’s Assassination… that’s a topic I really like reading about. I’m big into conspiracies, and this one has so much dimension and people involved. I’d love to visit that museum! Also this whole post will be really helpful for first-time visitors to the place. I know I wouldn’t want to get stumped in the hotel room not knowing what to do when I get there, hehe.

  10. Milton Coyne says:

    I really include museums as part of my itinerary especially those that showcase the rich history of that place. Not just they are educational but exploring things is truly a fun thing to do.
    I have relatives in Texas and Oklahoma and they used to share some photos of their hunting in the woods so I assume they got so many great outdoor attractions there.
    Thank you for sharing this list.
    Hopefully, I can visit Texas someday

  11. Wow!! Very interesting sharing you had for us here. Really enjpying reading your sharing 😀 Learnt that everything is BIG in Texas 😛 Saved your post as my future to-travel list.

  12. Jeff says:

    I have been to Dallas a million times and yet have never seen the giant eyeball. I will be back soon on business and will make a point to see it!

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