Ferrari Museum – Take the kids! Tips!

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  1. onlybyland says:

    Take me too!! I didn’t know Ferrari’s first name was Enzo! That’s an interesting history about the emblem, I didn’t know that either. I don’t think Lamborghini copied the logo, they could have been inspired, thanks for educating me about Enzo and the logo!

  2. Hendrik says:

    Aaaah Ferrari – the name of a legend! For me personally Ferrari built some of the most amazing cars of all time and I can imagine to visit this museum and see these timeless beauties with own eye must be truly a unique and special experience. The story of Ferrari and Lamborghini is legendary as well. This trip must have been a great fun for the kids as well.

  3. melbtravel says:

    My husband would love this Ferrari museum so much, it reminds me of the one in Stuttgart. I am not going to tell him though that you can do a practice racetrack… I would not get him out of the place. I am definitely adding this to my list when I go to Modena, Italy.

  4. Jean says:

    Looks like a really fun day trip for the kids. I can almost hear them laughing at the different car sounds and trying to pick out what race car it is. Certainly a fun day trip for the family

  5. Loved hearing about the feud between Ferrari and Lamborghini. I guess you have to be careful about who you tell – go plow a field. They might have a clutch improvement which is no bull.

  6. OMG my hubby would love this. I on the other hand would be looking for a boutique nearby to while away the time. Totally agree with hiring a car to make things easy with kids in tow.

  7. Courtney Jones says:

    I don’t have kids yet, but I bet my husband would enjoy this! Thanks for the background on Ferrari – I hope someday I’m in a trivia contest and the question is “what is Ferrari’s first name” hehe! The cars sure are beautiful!

  8. Neha Verma says:

    My husband would definitely love this. The museum sounds absolutely wonderful. What a great find!!

  9. Janine Good says:

    Ferrari and Lamborghini are such big names of pure 4-wheeled luxury! The museum looks like a great time for my husband who loves cars and would get so much out of learning about the history. Something to think about on our next trip to Italy!

  10. I will be honest, I want to visit Bologna because of its famous dish but this museum does look pretty fun. I am not fussed about cars and makes of cars but would like to visit!

  11. Great article. I’ll be visiting Bologna in few weeks and will be sure to browse the Ferrari museum in Modena. Get to learn about the Ferrari and Lamborghini’s story, quite interesting background.

  12. I have to admit that I giggled out loud at the thought of my kids in a Ferrari Museum. I can only imagine finger prints and attempts at climbing the cars like a jungle gym! But, they are only 2 and 4. And I know that they are far more capable of traveling than most parents give them credit for. I am so glad that you don’t leave your kids behind and allow them to appreciate whatever it is that comes into your itinerary. The artistry in the cars is amazing and can certainly be appreciated by all!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Well, a few more years might be the best age for the Ferrari museum for yours! It is fun to travel with the kiddos!

  13. Oh, this museum sounds amazing. I have a nephew who is such a big fan of cars and Ferrari! He would love this. Thanks for the tip, I’ll make a note of it when in Modena soon!

  14. mohitarts says:

    wow…that was such great information…I didn’t knew about how the brand evolved…so detailed info about the logo…it truly was a educational tour through your post

  15. Loudy says:

    Awesome post. This looks so fun, I would like to experience this

  16. NatalieTanner says:

    What a pain! Still a better bet than waiting at the door. We were disappointed in that we couldn’t see the factory, but the museum was wonderful and so was the ride on the practice racetrack. Hope it was worth the wait!

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