Christopher Columbus’ Tomb: Visit with Kids

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  1. Kristi Hynes says:

    I have to go there! It is so amazing to me that we have DNA testing that confirms he is really buried there! So interesting!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      It is a fascinating cathedral, too – the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. They had to do DNA testing because he was originally buried in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. Later he was moved to Havana, Cuba, and finally to this spot in Seville. This guy has done a lot of traveling even after he died!

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow interesting. You definitely learn something new everyday!

  3. Long Nguyen says:

    Thanks for the explanation. And you might know if you visit Vietnam, you will see many bats in the doors or home decoration of the ancient houses. They stand for fortune !

  4. How interesting! I love that they confirmed it was really him through DNA. Definitely have to make it to Seville to see this in person!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Yes, that is really important because his body traveled around after death almost as much as he did when he was alive! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Super interesting, never been there, but now I want to

  6. dstexan says:

    Very interesting breakdown of the four kingdoms and associated symbolism! While I will be in Spain soon, unfortunately we won’t have time for Seville….Next time! And when I do make it, I will know what I am looking at!

  7. YO says:

    1st nobleman even pierces a pomegranate with his spear, this is an allegory of Spain defeating the moors and taking back Granada.

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