Choosing hotels for families: Tips and Hints

Choosing Hotels: Tips and Hints

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Choosing Hotels: Tips and Hints – Location, location, location

Ideal location is within walking distance of the top sight you want to visit. Otherwise, near the train station or bus stop is a good choice.

You might find a hotel for a better price but …. Will you need a taxi? If so, that will eat into your ‘better’ price.

Choosing Hotels: Tips and Hints – Amenities

Is there a restaurant or cafe attached?

In Sorrento, our hotel had a cooking school attached. Meals were whatever the students learned to cook that day. The food was delicious and inexpensive.

Is there a laundry service?

If you watch carefully which hotels have this service you can pack less.

Free Wifi?

If yes, you save money and time by not having to find an Internet cafe.

Do the rooms have hair dryers?

If so, leave yours at home. Less to lug around, worry about, and more room to bring stuff back!

Is someone manning the reception desk 24 hours?

No worries about late check in, getting a taxi for the airport at o’dark thirty in the morning, and if, heaven forbid, you need tooth glue for a loose crown (yes, that happened – and in a tiny little town in Italy without a dentist), you can get some help.

Is there a refrigerator you can use?

These are usually not in the room, but often you can add your milk/formula for a little one to the staff or cafe refrigerator.

Choosing Hotels: Tips and Hints – Price

Is there a discount?

Using Rick Steve’s travel guides gets 10%-15% discounts at some hotels he recommends. Teachers, seniors, and groups are all eligible for discounts at times, AAA travelers, paying in cash or in advance are all ways to get discounts, too. Always ask. Even small savings add up!

Is price quoted in euros or dollars?

When comparing hotels be sure to compare euros to euros and dollars to dollars.

Is breakfast included? Other meals?

This can really add up in savings of time and money. We love an included breakfast. Even if all you have is coffee and juice all around, you start the day off with a travel group in good spirits!

Choosing Hotels: Tips and Hints – Before you book

Find the hotel you want from looking in a guide book like Rick Steves? Before you book, try looking on a site like I’ve often found a better price for the exact same hotel that way.

Another tip on finding hotels online…clear out your cookies on the computer. (Does that sound like a weird phrase or what?? Clear out your cookies?) I’ve read several places that you get a HIGHER price if the site knows you have been there before. Big brother is watching you!

Read reviews! I love Trip Advisor because I can read reviews from real people who have really been at the hotel very, very recently. You can read my Trip Advisor reviews here.

Choosing Hotels: Tips and Hints – When in doubt

Always err on the safe side when in doubt. Spending a few extra dollars to make your trip easy – whether that means being closer to the heart of town or choosing a place that will do your laundry is always worth it. This is a once in a lifetime vacation opportunity. You’ll be happy you rounded up instead of down.

Happy travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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