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Travel ideas for your Travel Itinerary

Family vacations can lead to wonderful bonding time, fun exploring, and learning about the world. Raise global citizens who know where they belong in the world.

Our world is really BIG and really small at the same time. Choose the place that makes your heart sing when you plan a family vacation.

The Educational Tourist and family under waterfall in Hawaii

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Flying When Things Go Wrong

 When Things Go Wrong – Flying with Kids The adventure journey of every vacation begins when you leave the house. You hope that your flight goes well and smoothly, on time and that your...

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Unusual Vacation Destinations – Vampires

Real life vampire burial sites are unusual vacation destinations Not everyone is satisfied with all the ‘usual suspect’ places for a vacation destination. Interested in something new, something really ‘out there’ or something no...

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Restroom – When You Gotta Go

Restroom tips when you travel with the kids Travel means you will learn new things and explore how things in the world are different. Some things are interesting and unusual. But some things remain...

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Home for the Holidays

Part of the zillions of people who travel for the holidays to visit family are our brave men and women in uniform. The Armed Services YMCA and The Jack Daniel Distillery have teamed up...

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Nassau, Bahamas: Visit with Kids

Visit Nassau, Bahamas with the Kids The Bahamas is part of the vast Commonwealth realms of Queen Elizabeth herself; and archipelago of 700 islands but only 40 islands are inhabited.  Archipelago is a fancy...

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines had 128 jets that missed inspections. Airlines missing scheduled checks? Read more here.   Um….was this a surprise inspection? Don’t they schedule these things? How do you get that far behind? Never...