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Travel Planner for the family vacation of your dreams!

You can be the travel planner for your family with all the planning information you need – right here with The Educational Tourist

*Family Friendly Restaurants

*Hints for Flying with the Kids

*Books to read about YOUR destination

*How to Get Through Airport Security

and MORE

The Educational Tourist and kids in Caribbean

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Save Money for Travel

How to Save Up Enough Money to Travel Lots of people look at travel blogs and sigh – beautiful photos of lovely families smiling in far off locations. Then, they think, “That could never...

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Travel Stress Relief

Stress Relief through Travel *contains affiliate links* What is stress? Stress is your bodies way of reacting to anything – the good and the bad of life. Stress is what keeps us moving and...

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Traveling and Personal Space

Personal Distance and TRAVEL Each and every culture the world over has a concept of personal space. Every being has an idea of how much personal space is needed for them to feel most...