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Things to do with kids when you travel. The BEST travel leads to memories and becomes a part of your person.

Use travel and the information you can gain and experiences you can have to raise your child to be a global citizen.

Read before you go! Explore with food. Learn history and music to get a deeper feel for your destination.

Learning is fun. Curious kids love learning on vacation!

The Educational Tourist's family at red sand beach in Santorini, Greece

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Reading skills and Travel: Tips!

 Reading skills and travel Travel affords families a lot of together time. Travel allows us more time to talk, listen, reconnect and rediscover each other than we get to do in our day to...

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Travel Benefit for Kids

9 Benefits of Educational Travel for Kids There are so many benefits of traveling the world for kids. These travels help the children to learn things much more practical as they also take time...


Without Art Earth is Just eh

Art is a valuable part of life – and travel! Art has so much value for kids and without art the Earth would be a very dull place. We need art to add color,...

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Facts about Spain – Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy in Spain – Facts about Spain *contains affiliate links* Facts about Spain – Learn in more ways that you think. Everyone agrees that traveling is educational. You expand your horizons when you...