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Things to do in Hawaii

Hawaii has so much more to see and do than you might at first expect. Each island is so different from the other. We took the kids to the big island of Hawaii and enjoyed all that it had to offer. We loved the chocolate farm, the Hawaii National Volcano Park, the southernmost point in the US, and beaches galore.

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Wherever you visit in Hawaii, be sure to enjoy the Hawaiian food and the parties like a luau!

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hawaii

Top 10 Facts about Hawaii It pays to get the kids thinking about your upcoming trip! Kids are naturally curious creatures. Any parent can tell you this from experience considering the barrage of questions...

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Things to Do in Oahu

Things to Do in Oahu Honolulu – Visit Oahu With the Kids Hawaii is a fantastic destination for family fun. With so many islands to choose from, however, it isn’t easy to decide which...

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South Point, Hawaii – Visit with KIDS

South Point, Hawaii – Visit with KIDS **contains affiliate links** Most people think, incorrectly, that the southernmost point in the United States is in Florida, but that is not true! That is the southernmost...

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Original Hawaiian Chocolate Farm Visit

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Farm Visit *sponsored post* What makes for a better addition to a vacation than chocolate? After all, calories on vacation don’t count, right? Original Hawaiian Chocolate – Chocolate Grows on Trees...

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with KIDS

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Visiting National Parks is a great way to introduce kids to the wonder of the United States. The National Park service was established in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson to...