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Best Places to Visit in USA

The United States is a really big place! With almost 4 million miles of area and a population of 323 million it is a really, really big place!

I’m from the second largest state in the US – Texas. Texans are proud that everything in Texas is bigger! There is a LOT to see here!

Austin – largest urban bat colony in the world

Fall Foliage in Texas – Yes, it does exist!

Which states are the best ones for YOUR family vacations?

The Austin Postcard mural with family

hope outdoor gallery austin 8

Hope Outdoor Gallery – Austin, Texas

Austin’s Coolest Art Hope Outdoor Gallery with KIDS! Things to See do in Austin Texas Benefits of painting – Art, in general, is good for you Creating art is a wonderful method of self-expression...

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Guggenheim Tips: Visit with the KIDS

How to take the Kids to the Guggenheim Museum There are lots of reasons to visit the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. It is such an interesting experience you should definitely take the...

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Texas Fall Foliage: Take the KIDS

Texas Fall Foliage Crisp fall temperatures bring on the gorgeous colors of fall leaves. In some parts of the country more so than others – mostly the northeast of the country. Growing up in...

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Tips for Wyoming visit with KIDS

Visit Wyoming with the Kids *contains affiliate links* Get the wheels turning before a trip! Reading and talking about your destination helps the kids lay down a layer of knowledge they can build upon...

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Kids’ Books set in New York City

Read Before You Go – Kids’ Books Set in NYC **contains affiliate links* Reading about anything helps you understand it and appreciate it more. This is especially true for children who don’t have the...

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Restaurant Review: Estiatorio Milos

Milos – An Incredible Restaurant in New York City One of New York City’s top restaurants, Estiatorio Milos, known as simply Milos, is a wonderful experience for a night out! Estiatorio Milos Milos: The...

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Kids Books Set in Texas

Read About Texas *Contains affiliate links* Make the MOST of any trip by reading before you go! To make the most out of any trip with kids you need to prepare them by letting...

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Kids Books Set in Texas Cities

Books about Texas Cities – Read Before you Travel Are you visiting Texas? You’ll enjoy getting the kids ready as you learn about the Lone Star state, too! Read before you go to make...

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hawaii

Top 10 Facts about Hawaii It pays to get the kids thinking about your upcoming trip! Kids are naturally curious creatures. Any parent can tell you this from experience considering the barrage of questions...

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NYC Public Library Visit

Places to Visit in New York City – NYC Public Libary How to Visit a library with the Kids Libraries might not seem like the most obvious thing to add to the sightseeing list,...