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Turkey had always been a dream of mine. It is just such an amazing place historically as a part of the Silk road and having had so many religious time periods. We loved the mosques and the underground caves – a dream trip.

Take the kids! The Turks love children and they can go everywhere. The food is really kid friendly, too!

Photo Essay – Turkey

Underground City – Kaymakli – The kids LOVED

Kids love sweets! Turkish Delight

Keep kids busy on long flights!

Get through Airport Security in a flash – TSA Precheck

The Educational Tourist in Ephesus, Suitcases for Kids,

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Traditional Clothing and Culture

 Burqas, Headscarves, and Rash Guards – Cultural Clothing **updated September 2018** Westerners have the idea that Muslim women are required to cover up. It is commonly thought that women are repressed and controlled by...

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Taskonaklar Hotel in Cappadocia Turkey REVIEW

 Taskonaklar Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey *sponsored post* Taskonaklar Hotel – that is a mouthful, trying saying that three times fast! 🙂 Taskonaklar mean stone mansions. Tas = stone Konak = mansion lar = suffix...

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Sirkeci Mansion Hotel in Istanbul- REVIEW

Sirkeci Mansion, Istanbul *sponsored post* Our last two nights in Turkey were spent in Istanbul at the Sirkeci Mansion. It is beautiful and has many western comforts that make this an easy and comfortable...