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Best places to visit in Italy

When you are thinking about a trip to Italy the planning is so much a part of the fun. What will you see? Where will you go? More importantly, how will you choose between SO many great places to visit in Italy.

Italy is one of our favorite places to visit. Read about how to take your curious traveler kids to Rome, Vatican City, the colosseum, the Ferrari museum and more!

Read before you go!! Kids’ books set in Italy.

The Educational Tourist and kids inside the colosseum in Rome,


Kids’ Books Set in Italy

Kids’ Books Set in Italy: Read Before You Go Why you should read to kids before a trip: Make the MOST of any trip by reading to the kids.  To make the most out...

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Rome 5 Day Itinerary

Visit the Eternal City – Rome 5 Day Itinerary   *contains affiliate links* Rome is often at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list. It certainly was on mine and I visited this fantastic...

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Visit Rome with kids

Visit Rome with KIDS Rome, the Eternal City. What a glorious destination. Some have the misguided opinion that it is not for families with  children. They are so mistaken. Rome makes a GREAT vacation...

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The Swiss Guard – Vatican Visit with Kids

The Swiss Guard – Bodyguards to the Pope The mission of the famous colorfully clad Swiss Guard has not changed in more than 500 years. The mission, since 1506, is… “to protect the pope...

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The Vatican City Facts

Interesting Facts Vatican City for your visit with the KIDS Vatican City is the smallest country in the world – just .17 square miles. It is completely surrounded by the country of Italy. When...