Busy Travel Kids

Keeping the kids busy

Would you be thrilled to enjoy an afternoon in a world class museum without hearing, “MOM, when are we leaving?”

Would you be interested in visiting a world class UNESCO site with the kids and NOT hearing any whining?

What if you could plan the trip of your dreams, take the kids, and have the time of your life?

Wouldn’t you be interested? Wouldn’t you be thrilled?


These are not pie in the sky dreams. You CAN have it all – kiddos and wonderful travels and you are in the right spot to learn how!


The Educational Tourist has been traveling with the kids and loving it for years and she can teach you how to do the same. No more Chuck E Cheese or Disney for you – you CAN enjoy the sculpture at the Galleria Borghese in Rome or the MoMA museum in New York City?

Watch the artists work.

The Educational Tourist has ALL the tips you need for planning the trip of your dreams AND teaches you how to engage and interest the kids. You are in the right place!