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Interested in sharing YOUR travel adventure?

The Educational Tourist welcomes guest bloggers!

Like other travelers, I love travel stories! I love travel hints and tips and hacks and experiences. I’d love to hear from you. I DO accept guest posts but ONLY if they fall within these guidelines.

Let me tell you a little information before I give you the guidelines for accepting guest posts to help you out. Following these directions will give you a better chance of having your guest post accepted.

  1. If you want to have a guest post accepted on any website, including this one, please read the guidelines. The website owner can always tell whether you did or not.
  2. If you don’t read the guest post guidelines and follow then your guest post won’t be accepted.
  3. This is a family-friendly travel blog. So, if your guest post idea doesn’t have anything to do with family-friendly traveling…you are not in the right place and your guest post will not be accepted.
  4. You have to come up with your own idea for a guest post. I think it is interesting that people ask about a guest post without an idea. They actually expect me to come up with an idea for them to write which tells me they have no idea how these things work.
  5. When you come up with an idea to guest post try to think of why this would be a good idea for me. Why would I want to publish your idea? Give me reasons that my audience would appreciate your guest post.
  6. Tell me about your idea. When you contact me go ahead and tell me the idea you have for your guest post. My inbox is full so go ahead and tell me instead of waiting for a response first. I have a lot of emails to go through every day. I rarely even reply to emails just asking for vague ‘I can write for your website!’ opportunities.
  7. Use your very best language skills. I am a former English teacher so if your sentences don’t make sense I’m not going to accept your guest post for my blog. At the same time don’t be afraid! You do not have to be a native English speaker.
  8. Spell check. Seriously. Everyone makes mistakes and spell check is awesome.
  9. Read the directions. I can tell if you don’t. Accepting a guest post is really me doing a favor for you so isn’t the least you can do is to read the directions?

Still interested in submitting a guest post to The Educational Tourist? Awesome! I love great guest posts!

CLICK HERE for Guest Post Guidelines.

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