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  1. Marilyn Henley says:

    I ordered these for my three grandchildren, two girls, ages 5 & 3, and one boy, age 7, for a long road trip (7 of us in the car) and three days at a resort, where the power went out for 30 hours. These kits kept them occupied with games and worksheets for a long time.

    The kids loved the colorful fabrics. I liked that the girls bags were the same fabric so that there was no “discussion” of who would have which color. The different ribbons were great to help distinguish whose was whose.

    There were several games and other activities that they all loved, even the 3 year old, and played over and over and over. They especially loved their own nametag that could be attached to their clothing or a bag and we personalized those immediately.

    I look forward to getting more kits for other grandkids as other trips are planned. I have nine grandchildren. Thank you ladies for coming up with this blog and these kids and other ideas.

    Marilyn Henley

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