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Natalie Tanner, The Educational Tourist, is a proud and involved mother of 2 chickadees – ages 10 and 12.  My geologist husband shares my passion for travel and teaching others how to enjoy travels with their kids is what the blog is all about! We’ve been traveling with our kids since the youngest was just weeks old. It hasn’t always been easy but it has ALWAYS been worth it. Through travel we have been able to make memories together that bonds our family like nothing else can! The kids are now well beyond their years in experiences and the educational information that comes with it. They are on their way to being global citizens who will excel and make a positive impact on the world. Your children can do the same!

The Educational Tourist and kids at Cape Enrage, Canada wearing gear for zip lining, About The Educational Tourist, www.theeducationaltourist.com

As a fellow mom I have walked in your shoes… Wonderful sweet kisses and hugs from cherubs snuggling at night and chaotic exhausting wrestling matches with melting kids. I’ve traveled far and wide with my kids and have lived to tell about it! You can, too! I can help you keep the kiddos busy and occupied during dinners while you enjoy a glass of Italian wine. You can enjoy each other, have hectic busy time, and relaxing down time – all while the kids are curious, learning, interested and engaged. You can have it all! Starting your travel journey when your kids are tiny?

CLICK HERE  how to travel with an infant!

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I’ve spent 15 years in various roles in Texas’ and Oklahoma’s  elementary schools, including language arts instructor, English and a Second Language Instructor and Writing Specialist – teaching kiddos how to write in general and pass those darn state tests. I am here to tell you that the entire world is a classroom and not only CAN you take your kids on vacation anytime – even missing school if the timing means taking them during the school year, but you SHOULD take your kids on vacation. Traveling increases their educational foundation (the school uses the fancy word – schema) like nothing else can! Make your kids even more brilliant than you know they already are with travel!

CLICK HERE Read before you go to get the kids interested in your vacation destination.

I’ve already saved you HOURS and DAYS of research by putting together some FREE book lists on specific destinations. Click on your destination to get the most complete list of kids books anywhere! Teachers needing resources for studying locations around the world and world schooling families are in the right place!


 Hawaii,         London,         New York City,         Canada,        Paris,         Greece,         Caribbean,         Italy,       Spain,       San Francisco The Educational Tourist and kids in Granada, Spain, About The Educational Tourist, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Have you noticed I ALWAYS wear a hat while traveling? Wondering why? Wondering if you need to wear a hat when you travel? Are you one of those people who wish they could wear a hat but think you can’t? Do you think you look like a frog under a toad stool when you wear one? Not true!!

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Think hats aren’t an important part of sun protection? Think again! You can look amazingly chic, not worry about your hair AND save your skin from the damaging rays of the sun – all in one chic swoop with a hat!

Or go ahead and order my all time favorite winter travel hat – the Tilly Hat  which I’m wearing above. It is perfect for cold weather and is easy to pack and lug around. Sometimes I put a broach on it for fun and to jazz it up a bit!

My teaching background is what makes my Adventure Series Ebooks perfect for kids. I know kids – have taught kids, live with kids, and have spent years in the classroom in control of 25 kids at a time. My travel activity guide eBooks can keep YOUR kids interested, engaged, and learning during visits to fantastic world travel sites including what some perceive incorrectly as ‘adult only places’  like museums and historical sites. Get your FREE copy of the Adventures in France to see what all the fuss is about! No one can teach YOU how to help your kids maximize their educational potential better than a teacher can!

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My writing experience started with The Mailbox magazine, a magazine for teachers, sharing creative ideas for teaching composition and story writing. I love being creative with the kids. You can painlessly practice educational skills with your kids while you travel! Yes, YOU can. Think you are not a teacher? Not so – you have already taught your kids a lot of tough stuff like shoe tying, potty using, and silver ware usage. You, parent, are the first and the most important teacher of all!

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My articles on how to make travel with the kids both DOABLE and FUN have been featured in these wonderful online sites:

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I LOVE teaching – both children and adults, and have combined my loves of teaching and traveling to new exotic places right here in this blog. I can help YOU learn how to travel  – farther, longer, and to more interesting places WITH your kids than you ever dreamed!

Dare to take the kids to places YOU want to visit.

Dare to take them to something interesting instead of yet another water park or zoo.

For example our trip to the Seville Cathedral in Spain could have been an ordinary and boring church visit. And, to those of those who do NOT prepare, it probably is. But not to ME!! And with my help….not for you either!

Think you are just visiting a church in Seville? It doesn’t have to be dull and boring!! For example, in Seville, Spain you’ll visit the lovely Seville Cathedral. Regular tourists visit, glaze over at the boring talk about how old the bricks are or worse and wander through with NO information at all. But not YOU! Instead, YOU, with tips and information from The Educational Tourist, find it all SO much more interesting because you know it is the 3rd largest church in the entire world AND the burial place for Christopher Columbus. Not only is he buried here, but his tomb is carried by four statues..one of which has bats on his crown.

The Educational Tourist and kids at breakfast table in Istanbul, About The Educational Tourist, www.theeducationaltourist.com

No matter the age of your children you CAN have a fantastic trip and expand your child’s educational foundation at the same time. Worried you’ll spend all your time hollering ‘Stop that!’ and ‘Don’t touch your brother!’ and listening to whining, groaning and cries of ‘When are we leaving?’ so did I! But, my first trip to Italy with the kids made me a

true believer.

There we were…in the Galleria Borghese in Rome, marveling at the incredible sculpture with both kids, who were only 5 and 7 at the time, standing quietly beside me. I was telling them all about the story behind the interesting statue we were admiring. They were mesmerized!! Adults milling around us were shocked and whispered about what an incredible parent I was (ok, well maybe not, but if I had seen me with perfect angels having an educational and magical moment there I would have thought that!!!)  Read more about taking YOUR kids to an art museum here. If the Galleria Borghese is in your future (and add it to the bucket list if you haven’t been!!) you’ll want the same magical material I used with my kids so you can enjoy the museum, too.

Click here and download it now….Adventures in Galleria Borghese.

Worried you’ll spend a lot of money, work hard and the kids won’t even remember the trip? NOT SO! Face your fears about whining and that the kids won’t remember – The whole family can enjoy the trip! You can make memories, raise global citizens and have fun doing it. You’ve come to the right place for every bit of information you could possibly need to travel with kids no matter the age of your children.

Let’s plan that trip of a lifetime together!

Contact The Educational Tourist at tannerns88@gmail.com

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The trip of a lifetime does NOT include lugging around 800 pounds of luggage. Learn to pack light and look great like The Educational Tourist. Read here about packing light and looking fantastic, too! You CAN have both.

Packing light means bringing the right fabrics and clothes. Notice the long sleeved shirts The Educational Tourist wears? They are easy pack, easy wash, and comfortable. Interested in the sun gear The Educational Tourist loves? Check out this cool, comfortable and easy to pack sun shirts from Columbia. Comfortable and sun protection for the whole family. We ALWAYS travel with our sun gear!

Sun gear makes the BEST travel wear for summer! I love it and wear it on every single vacation! Cool, breezy and in fantastic colors. Even the kids need easy travel gear like this wonderful sun shirt. We love Columbia!

Shoes can make or break your trip of a lifetime!! Don’t have feet that hurt! Get the kids ready for lots of walking on your trip  so they don’t whine about having tired legs. No more ‘carry me, mom’ or breaks that last forever when you are dying to keep going and see it all.  Not all ‘walking’ and ‘travel’ shoes are created equally!! Choose the right travel shoe for your journey. I learned the hard way that shoes for walking long distances are not the same as the kind you need to wear for standing in one spot on concrete floors in a museum. Also, think those lightweight running type shoes are awesome because they save weight in the suitcase? Beware they don’t have enough lateral support for you to walk all day over cobblestones – your ankles will be screaming at you! Get all the tips you need for the perfect travel shoe – and your feet will thank you!

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Happy Travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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