Monthly Archive: August 2018

books about texas cities like dallas and houston 3

Kids Books Set in Texas Cities

Books about Texas Cities – Read Before you Travel Are you visiting Texas? You’ll enjoy getting the kids ready as you learn about the Lone Star state, too! Read before you go to make...

zipline in Tortola, BVI 7

Zipline tour, Tortola, BVI

 Tortola Zipline British Virgin Islands We visited Tortola, British Virgin Island as a stop on a Disney Cruise. There were several excursion choices for the day but nothing topped the list quite like a...

Cultural clothing, traditional clothes 16

Traditional Clothing and Culture

 Burqas, Headscarves, and Rash Guards – Cultural Clothing **updated September 2018** Westerners have the idea that Muslim women are required to cover up. It is commonly thought that women are repressed and controlled by...