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Camel Riding in Morocco with KIDS

Camel Riding in Morocco with KIDS When you research a family trip to Morocco you will come across camel rides. Should you go camel riding with the kids? Is it too ‘touristy’? We decided...


As seen on MilKIDS

The Educational Tourist is proud to contribute to MilKIDS.   Tips on how to plan an educational field trip or make a regularly scheduled family trip educational. 

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Stop packing too much!

Stop Packing Too Much! It goes without saying that mom is synonymous with sherpa. It still amazes me all these years later how many pounds and sheer volume of stuff, such tiny little infants...

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Family Dinner: Time to make travel memories

Family Dinner A Way To Make Travel Memories When we think of how to keep the kids busy and happily occupied we often reach for electronics – IPad, iPod, DS….etc. the never-ending list of...