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Sunset over the mountains; should you hire a guide? Travel Guides 101, 15

Guide: Tips for Hiring a Guide

Guide, or no guide….that is the question. Well, Shakespeare would disagree about that being ‘THE’ question, but who asked him? LOL!   Guides can be very valuable. They can give you background on the...

Collage of photos about Turkey travel Turkish delight 18

Turkish Delight: Enjoy food on vacation

Turkish delight Turkish delight is a wonderful treat you’ll find all over Turkey. We were surprised it came in a million different flavors! Kids will enjoy this unique treat. Getting the kids ready for...


Tulsa Visit: What to See And Do

Tulsa Visit – What to See Tulsa is a hidden gem in Green Country, which is the northeast corner of Oklahoma. It is known for its mild climate and beautiful scenery. Tulsa was named...