Want to work for the Queen?

The Queen is hiring

The British Monarchy has an official website for listing job openings.


Work at a real castle!

Buckingham Palace (London)

Buckingham Palace

St. Jame’s Palace (London)


Windsor Castle (In Windsor, England)


The Palace of Holyroodhouse (In Scotland)


What types of jobs? Five main departments:

1) Private Secretary’s Office – handles records, travel, correspondence

Sir Christopher Geidt is currently the Queen’s secretary.


2) The Privy Purse and Treasurers Office – IT, Human Resources, and Finance

What is a privy purse, you ask? (I had to look it up!) This is the monarch’s private income, which in 2009 was 13.3 MILLION pounds which translates roughly as 20 million dollars (with the exchange rate in those days – not now).

Speaking of purse…why does she carry an ugly one?


She is worth a gazillion dollars and any handbag creator in the whole world would happily make her one for free and yet she carries this hideous thing.


What does she carry around anyway? Kleenex?  A pen?


The official list includes: lipstick, photos of her hubby and kids, and charms given to her by her kids and grandkids. (Aw….)


3) The Master of the Household’s Department – Catering and Housekeeping


Think scrubbing toilets and washing dishes would be more fun if you did them in a castle?images-1

Downton Abbey fans know to avoid this guy!


4) The Lord Chamberlain’s Office – Distribution of Honors and Ceremonial Event Organization


If you feel the need to nominate someone for knighthood, use this contact information.


And if said knight to be is single, please tell all your girlfriends. All knights in shining armor should have fair maidens, right?


5) The Royal Collection – Art and artifact organization


Being so near one of the world’s greatest art collection (though it isn’t the Queen’s personally as she holds it ‘on behalf of the nation’) would be  cool, but not easy. Look how big some of these are!!


How about a summer job?


Apply for full time or work during the summer.  When Buckingham Palace opens to visitors each summer, 350 people are hired to help out. Beats flipping burgers or mowing lawns!


Unusual jobs:

The Queen’s Piper

banner piper

He plays the pipe every weekday morning at 9:00 for 15 minutes. Then, he escorts the Queen during the day to her events and functions.

The Astronomer Royal


It is mostly an honorary job given to a renowned astronomy scientist. He is on standby to give the Queen any astronomy info she might need.


By, the way….what type of astronomy information might the Queen need anyway? Is she looking for this guy?


I know he is going to be the King of Asgard, but have you noticed he has a British accent? Hmmmm…secret agent of the Queen, maybe?

Horological Conservator


Two people work full time to wind and maintain the 350 clocks and watches in Buckingham Palace.

Who does this job?

I absolutely LOVE hats so keeper of the hats might be a fun job!


**There is no such thing. Instead the Queen’s Personal Assistant takes care of all wardrobe needs.** But I could totally be Dame Natalie, The Queen’s Keeper of the Hats, don’t you think? 😉


It would be a busy job. Since her coronation in 1952 she has worn more than 5,000. Wouldn’t you like to see her closet?? Where does she keep them all?


But hats are worn before 6:00 p.m. After that – crowns and tiaras! That is probably another cool job -keeper of the crown!


Working for the Queen might be fun! But beware! It could be fraught with all sorts of drama…..Downton Abbey can help us live vicariously.


Happy Travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist





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  1. Bet there are lot of fringe benefits! 🙂

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Well, considering Monday’s post on the fact that Prince Charles wears his underwear only once and then tosses them…..I suppose you could get free underpants!!! LOL

  2. Clock turner! As if that’s a real job! Unbelievable!

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