Visiting Modern Art Museums with Kids

Sometimes beauty….and art is in the eye of the beholder.

Like this:



Car submerged in milk? Car sinking into the floor? Man vs Lactose Intolerance?

Sometimes art is hard to understand.

Like this:


These are made entirely of rolled up magazine pages – a work by Yun-Woo Choi.




I’ve rolled up pieces of paper before…how did a rolled up piece of paper become this??? This person had to see wayyyyy ahead.

How do you explain art to kids when you have a hard time ‘getting it’ yourself?

Like this:


Yes, those are tiny skulls. Nino Sarabutra invited people to walk on 100,000 individually handmade skulls.

 Just talk about it…

Is this how you feel when you see modern art? Just admit it!


Is this funny? That’s OK – talk about it!


Is this creepy? Does it make you roll your eyes? What do your kids think? Do they want one in the guest bathroom?


Is this art….or leftover Halloween candy? How would you change this? (Untitled by Felix Gonzales-Torres at the Art institute of Chicago) Should you take a piece? (Usually you don’t touch the art, but in this case – yes, you can take a piece.)

insta candy 1

Give this work a title – 4 words or less (Anne-Catherine Becker – Echivard’s project Modern Times) LOVE these funny fish!


It reminds me of this I Love Lucy scene…


And that connection – between the fish art and the I Love Lucy scene from years ago is exactly the type of connection that you want to make in young brains! It increases the numbers of ‘roads’ the brain has leading from one thing to another and helps make life, art, and literature, meaningful.


When you talk about art you share your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts, you make connections with each other and build strength in your relationship. You increase vocabulary, you think ‘outside the box’.

Induction day at the modern art gallery was proving to be heavy going for Sam. . .

The good news is….you can’t be wrong! So talk about it – love/hate/giggle/boring – it is all good!


Love modern art? This great poster let’s you compare work types at a glance.


Art doesn’t have to be ‘understood’ is ok to laugh! Be surprised! Feel confused! Feel uncertain! Share the feelings and  your thoughts with each other. When it comes to art – you can’t be wrong. Enjoy being together and hearing what the kids have to say!

Happy and artistic travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist



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