Visit Oahu with KIDS

Visit Oahu with KIDS

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Honolulu – Visit Oahu With the Kids

Hawaii is a fantastic destination for family fun. With so many islands to choose from, however, it isn’t easy to decide which one to visit first. Each has something special to offer, but no other island has such a wide variety as Oahu. You’ll love all that Oahu has to offer your family!

History to Experience

Honolulu is home to Pearl Harbor, and this naval base has a fascinating history. Before your visit, take time to explain some of the history to children so they’ll have a better idea of what they’re seeing. When visiting the USS Arizona Memorial, you’ll see a video explaining the history before riding a ferry to a platform above the sunken ship. Take this time to explain words like “memorial” and “hero” to the kids to make it an educational experience.

Afterward, you can visit the USS Bowfin which is a World War II submarine. The memorial is free, but you’ll need to purchase a ticket for the USS Bowfin.

Fish to Eat

Many kids think food comes from the grocery store, where it’s shrink-wrapped and boxed. Travel is a great way to expand their concepts of where food actually originates. Visit the Honolulu Fish Auction to see really fresh fish and a live auction. Since the auction tour begins early, it’s also a great way to take advantage of jet lag, which might otherwise feel like a bummer. Read the rules and make a reservation.

As you might imagine, it’s very chilly inside the fish market, and the fish are all on ice. Explain how an auction works and then marvel at the different types of fish. How many have you tasted?

Fish to Watch

The ocean is a big part of a visit to Oahu, so get in and swim with some fish! Snorkeling is a great way to see saltwater fish, and it feels a lot like swimming in an aquarium. To get familiar with the local fish, take a look at the card you receive before you dive in the water. Which ones will you see?

Look out for the Hawaii state fish, the reef triggerfish. The name is simple enough in English, but in Hawaiian, the reef triggerfish is called the humuhumunukunukuapua’a. That’s a mouthful, and you’ll have fun trying to say it with the kids. Don’t know where to start? It sounds like “who-moo-who-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-poo-ah-ah.”

Geology to Explore

Learning a little about the geology of Hawaii is part of the fun. The entire chain of Hawaii islands emerged from erupting volcanoes. Be sure to visit Diamond Head, a prominent volcano on Oahu. It’s now dormant, but once it erupted so much that it created the entire island of Oahu. Now it’s a state monument where you can go hiking.

Culture to Discover

Explore Hawaii’s fascinating Polynesian culture with a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Learn the hula and enjoy a luau. Kids will love the music, costumes, and dances.

Looking to visit Honolulu with the kids? Make sure to choose the perfect lodging for your adventure!

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