Vacation benefits to health

Vacations can improve your health!

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Vacation benefits to your health: Your intellectual health

Your mind is like a computer in that it needs time to reboot.

Scientific American magazine:

“Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life. A wandering mind unsticks us in time so that we can learn from the past and plan for the future. Moments of respite may even be necessary to keep one’s moral compass in working order and maintain a sense of self.”

Vacation benefits to your health: Improve relationships

Holidays with friends and families relieve stress and helps keep the family together.

Inside jokes…

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Shared experiences create bonds and memories.

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Laughter is the best medicine. Create some of your own on family vacations!

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Laughter is so good for you!

*Laughter relaxes the whole body.

*Laughter boosts the immune system.

*Laughter releases endorphins.

*Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow.

Vacation benefits to your health: Improve your creative health.

Getting out of the day to day routine is beneficial to your creative spirit.

“We know that creativity and innovation happen when people change their environment, and especially when they expose themselves to a nature-like environment, to a natural environment,” says Kimberly Elsbach, a professor at the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management, who studies workplace psychology.

Vacation benefits to your health: Reduce Stress

A new word is on the rise according to Dr. Barber of Northern Illinois Univ: telepressure. Telepressure is the feeling that we need to respond to emails and texts immediately – even when off the clock. This pressure to respond even when not at work has us texting and emailing evenings and weekends which basically means the work day never ends.

Never ending work day? No wonder we are stressed!!  Vacations can take us away from telepressure by keeping us unplugged!

Vacations keep us unplugged from work and paying attention to the world right in front of us – right now.

Vacation benefits to your health: Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness sounds like a spiritual, yoga, new age type of word, doesn’t it? Well, if you think hippies are the only people who practice such things you need to get with it! Mindfulness is the new thing! Mindfulness is mainstream! Mindfulness is for you!

Mindfulness just means to really focus on the now – right now and what is happening. On vacation you slow down, unplug, and pay attention to yourself. Blood pressure goes down, breathing deepens and you savor the good all around you. This type of really paying attention is wonderful for you and your family as you really connect. Read more about mindfulness here.

Vacation benefits to your health: Save your company money

Yes, time off for you is SO good for your health that you are less likely to take sick time from work. Not only are you less likely to take sick time off from work, but you will be more productive while you are at work with your great attitude.

Happy and healthy employees are productive! Don’t feel badly taking time off so you can be one of them.

According to Quantum Workplace:

“employees are 14% more engaged when provided time off to recharge”

Travel! Spend time together! Laugh! Improve your relationships and your heart.

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The Educational Tourist can make trip planning stress free.

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Happy healthy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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