Use Ziploc Bags for Traveling with Kids: 9 Reasons YOU need them

Ziploc bags are right up there with duct tape for solving problems when traveling with the family – and traveling in general so use ziploc bags! I don’t own stock, but think I might need to consider buying some with that next lottery windfall! (Who am I kidding! If I have a lottery windfall I’m buying tickets…to somewhere exotic! LOL)

 Use Ziploc Bags for every family vacation

1 – Use Ziploc Bags instead of packing cubes

Ziploc bags for packing clothes

I love using ziploc bags more than any packing cube I’ve come across. I love they are clear so I can see the contents without having to dig through them. I love that I can write on them (Kids names, event or day of the week if needed) and I love that little hands can open them. Another great feature is you can zip them almost all the way closed and then squeeze the air out which leaves more room in the suitcase for bringing back souvenirs!

2 – Use Ziploc Bags for snacks

Since ziploc bags come in all sizes, you can get the appropriately named ‘snack’ sized baggies and go to town making snack sized treats for everyone. I put some in my bag, each kiddos bag and in the suitcase for good measure. A few goldfish can go a long way to making your traveling family happy.

3 – Use Ziploc Bags to prepare for rain

Ziploc bags: Prepare for rain

If caught in the rain you might want to put your phone in a baggie. Once I was so prepared with a jacket for myself that I completely forgot that my backpack would be out in the rain….for the entire walk to the train stop. When we arrived at our destination my backpack was pretty soggy. Thankfully that was in the days before cell phones (Boy, that makes me sound old!) …after that I tossed in a ziploc bag for good measure. I’ve heard you can use your phone in the rain through a ziploc baggie…have not tried, but interesting idea. Even the kids travel with phones and electronics these days. Protect them with plastic!

4 – Use Ziploc Bags as a doggie bag

Take those leftovers from your meal with you. Even if you don’t have a way to heat it up later it could make a good snack – even if it is not perfect, a left-ver snack can make everyone happier if their tummy is empty and the snack machine won’t work and the cafe closed 15 minutes ago. Think cold pizza in college. It still works and you can get the kids prepared for college that way. 😉 Right? LOL!

5 – Use Ziploc Bags to keep things dry

There are somethings that just should not touch — like shampoo leaking on your nightgown while in the suitcase, right? Sweaty tennis shoes and…well, anything! Ziploc bags were tested by NASA with astronauts and found to be awesome for travel. OK I made that up….LOL! But, even better than being tested by NASA astronauts, is being field tested by MOMS, right? Put all those potentially leaky bottles in ziploc bags and arrive high and dry at your destination. No soggy pjs here!

6 – Use Ziploc Bags for the gross stuff

Kids and bodily fluids – contain in a ziploc bag. ‘Nuff said.

7 – Use Ziploc Bags to save money

Buy the big container of shampoo/lotion/conditioner and make your own ‘travel sized’ containers!  Think about bringing hand sanitizer wipes, facial makeup remover cloths, and toilet tissue. Give everyone their own to carry. Never get caught without TP or a tissue all without breaking the bank!

Go here for coupons on Ziploc Bags!

Don’t forget makeup remover! Sometimes even the kids need it!

Use Ziploc bags for makeup remover. Disney kids painted faces

8 – Use Ziploc Bags to keep it all clean

I should say ‘keep it all smelling good’! Put the kids’ smelly, dirty clothes in their own bag to keep the rest of the stuff smelling sweet. Put teen-agers’ dirty shoes in their own bags to keep the dirt where it belongs and NOT all over your white shirt. Put the swimsuits that didn’t dry in a ziploc so everything else stays dry. I like to buy spices when we travel abroad and I put them in their own ziploc bag in addition to their packaging. Then, when I get home the ‘Turkish Salad Spice’ is all in one place where I can use it and not sprinkled:  All. Over. Everything. (Don’t ask me how I know to do that. It isn’t a pretty story. LOL!)

9 – Use Ziploc Bags for ice

Ice is hard to come by in some places but IF it is available putting some in a ziploc will help soothe injuries. Lower back aches? Ouchy overworked feet? Someone fall on uneven cobblestones? Ice in a ziploc baggie can help recover for the next day’s adventure!

Happy Travels with your family,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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  1. Rechito says:

    Totally agree, I always travel with multiple Ziploc bags.

  2. debickestravel says:

    I so agree with this. There are never enough Ziploc bags. I also use them to pack kids toys and keep them all in one place.

  3. Tal says:

    Great tips! Ziplocs are amazing!

  4. journeyfreak says:

    Ziploc bags are the way to go! Good ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  5. We love ziplock baggies as well! I also bring a few trash bags as well.

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