Unusual cars: Fun Vacation Sights

Traveling means seeing new things!

You expect to see new things at museums, but other times, you’ll see new and different things in the parking lot! These seem too crazy to be true, but I swear I took each and everyone of these photos – MYSELF.

Unusual Cars: Fun Vacation Sights

This unusual car seen in Austin, Texas car is completely covered in astro turf!

Car covered in astroturf, Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Austin, Texas is proud of being ‘weird’ and the city slogan is ‘Keep Austin Weird”. I’d say this car fits nicely.

Another Austin car… as seen in the grocery store parking lot.

Pink jeep with vanity plate "PGSFLY", Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com pink jeep with gold wings, Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Moncton, Canada has the motto “I rise again” but they love the weird car, too! This one is covered in mirrors.

Art car with mirror mosaic, Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

A girly car seen in a Houston parking lot of a motorcycle shop.

Hot pink car with long eyelashes on lights, Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

A flat car at the Pompidou in Paris. You aren’t supposed to take photos in this museum, but I was so stunned when I walked in and saw a flat car as ‘art’ that a friend snapped this at my request. Read more about art and traveling here.

Smashed car in Pompidou art museum, Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Guess where I saw this car! Yes – only in Texas! This was, no lie, in the driveway across the street from our house when we rented waiting on our house to be ready. The car was usually parked ‘nose in’ so even though I had seen it many times before I didn’t fully appreciate the Texas – ness of it till the day it was parked this way. LOVE.

Large car with steer horns, Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

The Skunk Whisperer…extra credit to this company for clever advertising! I laughed out loud at this car in a parking lot in The Woodlands, Texas.

black car with skunk stripe, Unusual Cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

The skunk whisperer car, Unusual cars, www.theeducationaltourist.com

What are some crazy things you’ve seen on your travels? If you keep your eyes open – fun things are everywhere!

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Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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