Tweens in London

Tweens in London

Tweens are a special group to consider on a trip! They have a special way of making everyone miserable if they are less than happy! LOL! Keep them engaged so everyone can enjoy the trip! London was made for tweens!

1) Jack the Ripper walk

By day hit the usual sights and by night….

Tweens in London,

This walk is simply fantastic! Walk around the area Jack the Ripper tore through (pun intended ­čśë while your guide tells the sorrid tale….Tweens will LOVE a creepy evening walk.

Tweens in London, www.theeducationaltourist.com2) Tower of London

This tour provides more creepiness for your tween…

Tweens in London,

Enjoy the Beefeaters tour and you’ll hear about beheadings…

Tweens in London,

and heirs to the throne locked in the tower who were never seen again. In the past, being heir to the throne was a risky business.

Tweens in London,

Is your tween a girl? Enjoy the gasp worthy jewels – more than 23,000 of them! The collection is worth more than 20 billion pounds.

Crown Jewels, Tweens in London,

Imagine getting to wear them! But also consider how much they weigh. This crown weighs almost 5 pounds.

Crown, Tweens in London,

See the ravens…

Raven, Tweens in London,

There are 6 ravens at the tower and their wings are clipped so they can not leave. The legend says that when the ravens leave the tower…the crown will fall. So now, the ravens are treated like royalty themselves with special care and special diet treats.Beafeater and Raven, Tweens in London,


It’s haunted by several ghosts including Catherine, the 5th wife of King Henry VIII.


3) London Eye

For those who are sticklers for details, the London Eye is not a ferris wheel…it is a instead a cantilevered observation wheel.

London Eye, Tweens in London,

It receives more visitors every year than the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Gaza. It is so very tall – 443 feet! Could you ride in this glass box? Your tween will LOVE it!

London Eye car, Tweens in London,

Enjoy the amazing view!

view from London Eye, Tweens in London,

Enjoy adventures with your tween by carefully choosing the perfect places to visit. I can help plan your trip!

The Educational Tourist, Tweens in London,


Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist




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