Turkey photo essay: Family Adventure

A photo is worth one thousand words, right? Let the daydreaming about a family travel adventure begin! Turkey Photo Essay

cistern in Istanbul

Turkey Photo Essay:  Instanbul

Spice market – Incredible spot to explore with the kids- so much to see and so much to smell!! The spice market was really high on my list of things I wanted to see in Istanbul and it was even cooler than I imagined! Most shops sold similar things and the spices were piled high!

As I’m a BIG tea drinker I had to buy some loose tea. I chose apple tea which they vacuum packed into a bag for the suitcase. 
Turkey PHoto Essay Spice market in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia – the sheer size of this place will blow the kids’ minds. I was fascinated to learn that this was first a church. Later, it became a mosque and all other mosques are designed from it. I love that it is now open to anyone of any religion.

Turkey Photo Essay Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Cistern – This underground world has lots of cool fun for kids. It is spookily dim lit and full of fish! Have you seen the Davinci Code? Part of the thriller takes place right here in this cistern! Be sure to see the upside down Medusa head.

Turkey Photo Essay underground cistern in Istanbul

Shopping – Think shopping is boring for kids? Think again! You can buy souvenirs of all sorts but one shop in particular was extra fun. This shop sells lamps made of very small beads of all colors. They look pretty when they are turned off but truly take your breath away when the light is turned on!

bright lights colorful chandelier in Istabul

We were led upstairs to a dim space. When the lights were turned on the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from our family filled the room along with SO much color! Literally hanging from the ceiling ALL over the room with the exception of a small walk way were lanterns of all colors. It made me feel like I was inside one of those old Light Bright games. Remember those?

Souvenirs – What kid, and mom, doesn’t love a souvenir? The stalls in the bazaar and outside of the bazaar are great fun for travelers of all ages!

Turkey Photo Essay shopping bazaar in Istanbul

Topkapi Palace – Beauty comes in all forms and traveling lets you and the kids explore new and unusual types of beauty. This palace is really beautiful with geometric designs in the tile and stained glass. We especially enjoyed the harem where the women lived. Contrary to popular believe…this was just a place where all the women lived – mom, sisters, children. The movies gave us the ideas otherwise.Turkey Photo Essay stained glass in Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Tourquoise Coast – My kids and I were stunned to find the turquoise coast REALLY is turquoise. Splashing in this colorful water is FUN!

If you are wondering, as I was, what the appropriate swimwear was for a beach in a predominantly Muslim country let me be the one to tell you….wear whatever you like!

Read what I learned about women and covering up in Turkey! So interesting and surprising!Turkey Photo Essay Tourquoise coast in Kusadasi Turkey

 Turkey Photo Essay: Ephesus

Exploring the ruins of Ephesus with room to roam around and touch things make it the perfect spot for families traveling with kids. This spot is wide open with ZERO shade so be sure to put sunscreens and hats on the littles.

If you think you can’t wear a hat – think again! Read all about choosing the right hat for your face!

The Educational Tourist in Ephesus, Suitcases for Kids, www.theeducationaltourist.com

 Turkey Photo Essay: Kusadasi

This glorious oceanside city is warm and has beaches! Families with kids LOVE beaches.

Turkey Photo Essay Night view in Kusadasi Turkey

Turkey Photo Essay: Underground City of Kaymakli

An entire 7 story city (only 5 open to visitors) make this UNESCO site amazing. My kids say this was their TOP favorite thing to see in Turkey. Truly an amazing spot for families!

Read more about this amazing family travel destination – Kaymakli, Turkey. *coming soon*

Kaymakli underground city in Turkey with KIDS

Turkey Photo Essay – Cave dwellings

The idea of sleeping in a cave is something kids think is awesome! The rooms, even without AC, are cooled by Mother Nature herself.

Turkey Photo Essay Cave dwellings Cappadocia TurkeyTurkey Photo Essay – Beautiful tile

Have the kids look for colors and patterns. The tile is just gorgeous.

Turkey Photo Essay Suleiman mosque Istanbul Turkey

Turkey Photo Essay – Fairy chimneys

Geology can be so cool for families that travel. These fairy chimneys are a spectacular sight.

Turkey Photo Essay Chimney fairies Cappadocia Turkey

Turkey Photo Essay – Ephesus

The Virgin Mary’s house – Yes, Jesus’ mother lived here. Think about the age…the history. So cool

Turkey Photo Essay Mother Mary's house Ephesus Turkey

Turkey Photo Essay – Turkish delight

Turkish delight comes in many different flavors and family travelers enjoy tasting them all! Take a family poll to find out which one is a favorite. Kids love exploring through food.

Read more about this yummy Turkish delight that has a fascinating back story! 

Turkey Photo Essay Turkish Delight market Istanbul

Turkey is a delight for the senses and has something for everyone! It is the perfect family destination!

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Turkey Photo Essay Celsus Library Ephesus Turkey

I hope the Turkey Photo Essay was inspiring! Is Turkey on your travel bucket list?

Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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