TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number:

TSA – Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number

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Everyone loves a vacation – rest, relaxation, and exploration. What is not to love?  Well, in a nut-shell – the getting there part!  The getting there part is even harder if you fly! Thanks to a few nut jobs who made strict security checks at airports necessary, long lines at airport security are now the norm.

According to TSA, lines are long, long, long. Read more about the very long regular security lines here.

You can SKIP the long lines at airport security! Why wouldn’t anyone choose NOT to skip the line?

If you pay a little extra and go through the relatively painless process of filling out forms for a background check and going through and interview you can –


TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number: What are the trusted traveler programs?

*TSA Precheck

This program is for US Citizens and gives expedited security screening at participating airports

*Global Entry

This program is for US Citizens , US lawful permanent residents and citizens of a few other countries. It gives expedited processing through participating airports AND land borders and includes TSA Precheck benefits.

Global Entry is the one that we chose and TSA Precheck is what shows up on our tickets.

TSA Precheck on airline tickets, TSA precheck, global entry, known traveler number:, www.theeducationaltourist.com


This program is for US Citizens and lawful permanent residents AND Canadian citizens and lawful residents. It gives faster processing at airports and land borders between the US and Canada. Includes Global Entry AND TSA Precheck benefits.


This program requires proof of citizenship and admissibility documentation. It gives faster processing through Custom and Border Protection screening at land borders. (For US citizens only: it also includes Global Entry and TSA Precheck benefits.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number: So….what the heck is a known traveler number?

When you are prompted to fill in your ‘known traveler number’ as I was when I checked in online for Hawaiian airlines…I thought, ‘What the heck is a known traveler number?” I fill like I’m swimming in numbers and log ins and passwords these days!

In short….whichever program you are in…Global Entry, TSA Precheck, etc……the number you receive IS your known traveler number. So, put that number in the box.

The English teacher in my doesn’t understand why they didn’t call it something else like: Trusted Traveler Number….since all these programs fall under the ‘Trusted Traveler’ umbrella. Wouldn’t that make sense?

Or, they could have written above the box…”Global Entry/TSA recheck/Nexus/Sentri” so you would know…. but no…..the government had to find a more complicated verbiage to confuse the masses!

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number: BENEFITS

Five years is a long time to enjoy the benefits of TSA-Precheck, Global Entry, and Trusted Traveler programs.

1.Shorter line! (OMG! Seriously, do you even need another reason?)

2. Less hassle going through the shorter line:

*Leave ON shoes

*Leave ON belts

*NO unpacking laptops

*Leave on jackets

3. This is especially valuable for families.

When you are in a regular security line and taking off your shoes and belt and your kids’ shoes and belts and someone beeps on the machine to walk through and one kid is running off or stopped right in the middle in everything and people are almost falling over them and then the security person says they need to take an extra look at your carry on ….and you are trying to keep an eye on your purse with all your money, CC cards, etc. in it which is just sitting there in the open while other travelers are just walking by snatching up their stuff while the rest of your stuff is piling up at the end as the conveyor belt keeps right on going…….

You will be wishing you had listened to me and signed up one of these programs!!

4. This is also VERY valuable for nervous fliers.

If you have someone in your party who is a nervous flier anything you can do to have a smooth trip helps. Zipping through the line without undressing and unpacking will help calm the nerves. Read more about flight anxiety here.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number : TIP

If you are a frequent flier member of your favorite airline(s) add your number to your frequent flier account. Then, it will automatically be added to your ticket every time you use your miles.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number:  Check to make sure they are printed on your tickets.

Remember to check that this number actually prints on your tickets. If it doesn’t print you won’t be allowed in the shorter lines.

It isn’t automatically printed on your ticket – YOU have to enter it when you check in.

There is no ‘master computer list’ that security people have access to at the airport (though if we can put a man on the moon….why isn’t there???) so YOU have to enter your number on your own ticket or they have no clue it even exists.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number: KIDS

YES – children have to have their OWN account and number.

Children applying for TSA Precheck or Global Entry:

*parents fill out application

*pay fee

*attend interview with child

*will receive their own card and number

Just like everyone of every age needs a passport, everyone in your traveling party of any age needs a TSA Precheck or Global Entry account and number. Like the weakest link, if there is one person in your party without it…the rest of the party will be waiting on that one person. Insist on everyone getting an account.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number: BUT, what if…..

Skeptics and penny pinchers often want to avoid paying the fee for TSA Precheck and Global Entry programs. Saving money when you can is a lofty and admirable goal – every penny saved is a penny that goes in to the travel fund, right? I’m with you BUT… on the other hand…..

Nickel with saying, "For a nickel more you can go first class, TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Of course you can’t really go first class for a nickel more, as my very literate 10 year old pointed out, but…you get the drift. If you fly at all….I guarantee you’ll appreciate the programs to make traveling easier.

Some think you can skip the line or be allowed to circumvent the line for ‘good’ reasons. Let’s bust those myths:

MYTH #1 If I’m super pregnant they’ll feel sorry for me and let me go ahead of the line.

Ha! This type of chivalry died years ago. Not only will you stand in line like everyone else but you might even be more likely that you will be selected for ‘extra’ screening to make sure that big belly is real and full of baby instead of god knows what. (I know this from personal experience. Every single time I flew very pregnant I was singled out for the extra screening.)

MYTH #2 I need a wheelchair and have one requested. This will be faster than the regular line.

HA! If might be faster if you bring your own wheelchair from home, but if you have to wait for someone at the airport to bring you a wheelchair and push you…be prepared to wait. You’ll need more time – not less.

MYTH #3 My elderly friend has a cane and we travel together. They will let us go together.

HA! If this actually worked routinely everyone would buy a cane or rent a grandma! It doesn’t even work for the cane carrying person never mind the cane carrying person’s friend.

Elderly lady in black with a cane, TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number:, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Now..once in a while you’ll encounter a non-jaded security person ( though it would probably be their first day on the job because seriously….Can you just imagine the snarling people they have to deal with All. Day. Long. Every. Single. Day?) who might give you a little extra help.

But….don’t count on it.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number: The Bottom Line

Whether you travel a little or a lot….domestically or internationally…..alone or in a group….TSA Precheck, Global Entry and Known Traveler Number programs are a MUST.

*skip the lines

*skip undressing

*skip unpacking

*skip the stress

The beginning of every fantastic trip begins with a stress free airport experiences!

Sign up for Global Entry or TSA Precheck today.

But…don’t stop there! If you want a truly stress free experience, start with The Educational Tourist. As a travel agent and travel writer, I can offer you easy trip planning – make it educational, fun, and stress free!

The Educational Tourist and kids at beach in Kusadasi, TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Known Traveler Number, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Happy ‘security line free’ travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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