Trip Planning Travel Technology

Trip Planning Travel Technology

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Ah, technology…it can make your life so much easier! Planning a trip has never been easier!! AND, with so many, many choices, in some ways it has never been harder. Knowing the best travel websites and apps can make the whole experience more fun!

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There are a million apps available, but here are a few to get you started planning the trip of a lifetime!

Trip Planning Travel Technology –  Seat Guru

Love this website, and also app, for information about planes. This gives you a very clear photo of the plane (from seat guru) and where you’ll be sitting. No surprises! It even gives a rating on different seats.

I LOVE this website and use it with every single trip. I like to know where the electronic plugs are…how much leg space we have and also how much room we have under the seat. When you travel with kids who need access to their carry on luggage for ‘stuff’ it is best for that carry on to go under the seat in front of them. Will it fit? Seat guru will let you know!!

Don’t be fooled by first class seats either. They are all different. Once, while researching for the right seats on a plane, I found that one of our seats had some sort of box under the seat which took up all the space. I never in a million years would have guess that some random seat on aisle 11 or whatever would not have room under the seat for your stuff. Be prepared when you can!! There is still plenty of stuff that will be up in the air!! LOL!

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What sort of information do you need?

**The measurement of the space under the seat in front of you is helpful. Make sure your carry-on fits!!

**How much leg space do you get for that ‘extra cost special comfort seat’? Is it worth it? (P. S. It is worth it.)

If your legs are long and the extra space offered by the special comfort seat isn’t enough you could use the knee defender. It keeps the person in front of you from reclining their seat. You might have more enemies than leg room…you’ll have to weigh the cost/benefit of that one!

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*photo from knee defender*

**How are the seats configured? Are you a party of 4 and the seats are 3 together and then an aisle? Who sits where? Decide now!

Trip Planning Travel Technology – Trip Advisor

I love this website, too, for tips and reviews. When you read reviews it is really important to check the date. When was that person there? Recently or size years ago? Were they there during the same traveling season as you are planning? The season makes a big difference. If you are lucky enough to travel during off season for example, you are going to have a completely different experience that someone who travels during peak season. Be sure you are comparing apples and apples.

I also am a reviewer with them, too, and you know you can trust me!  Look me up for my thoughts on places to visit, eat, and sleep! I’ll always give you the whole scoop.

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Trip Planning Travel Technology – Gate guru

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I have not had the chance to use this yet, but what a great idea! It is especially wonderful for BIG airports. Wondering where you can get a softdrink or replace those earphones that died or disappeared? Check here before schelepping the whole crew all over the airport looking and looking and looking… I’ve seen places for yoga, getting your shoes shined, taking a shower and even a private spot for nursing moms. Check out the gate guru – you might find things you didn’t even know you wanted to look for!

Trip Planning Travel Technology – Kayak

I’m afraid I’m going to show my age here and say that I prefer the old fashioned paper spreadsheet of all our confirmation information so I fought this particular website and app thinking I didn’t really need it. Oh, so wrong I was!!

Keeping all your info in one place makes it hard to lose stuff and moms are always juggling a gazillion things so any way to be better organized is going to be a plus!! AND it makes it easy to send to a friend. I’ve had my dear travel friend and sister, Sarah, bail me out plenty of times when I panicked and called her!! She calmly pulled all the information and saved the day.

Now I just can not live without Kayak! Kayak lets you stay organized by putting all your confirmations about tickets, hotels, and airlines in one spot.

Trip Planning Travel Technology – Skyscanner

This awesome app lets you find great airfare prices. Gotta love that! Enter your information and choose! You can even book your flights. Skyscanner also offers articles full of tips on getting the very best flight for your adventure!

Trip Planning Travel Technology – Before you go!

When you are using the computer be sure to clear the cookies every so often. Get more trip planning tips here.

Planning and daydreaming is part of the fun! Any more travel technology tips? I would love to hear from you! Technology is awesome but don’t fall prey to these common travel planning mistakes!

Online Travel Pitfalls – How to Avoid the Common Mistakes 

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Happy and smooth travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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