Trip Planning: Peru WITH kids

Part of the fun of trip planning is the researching portion! I love reading and learning about all the new and interesting stuff about a new country and then presenting it to the kids. Sometimes this involves lots of research so I can really wrap my head around something before figuring out a way to make it interesting for the kids. Other times…. a place is oh, so crazy kid friendly.

I can not get over how much FUN information there is on Peru!! Who knew?

Crazy kid friendly information tidbit #1 –

Butterflies drink the tears of turtles.

Trip planning - Turtle


I’m not making that up – you can read more here. Butterflies (and bees, too, but they seem to bother the turtles more than butterflies) flutter and drink the tears of turtles because of the salt. It doesn’t harm the turtles and researchers are looking to see if the butterflies are getting anything else besides  salt.

Why do they need salt from turtles? The western portion of the amazon in Peru is lower in sodium than most places on Earth.

Interesting because not THAT far away, also in Peru….

Crazy kid friendly information tidbit #2 –

The Moras Salt Flats where the water has 60% MORE salt that the ocean. These small spots have been privately owned and passed down through families for generations. When the water evaporates, salt is scraped off the top and sold.  Impurities add color.

Trip planning Las-Salineras-Inca-salt-ponds

Fun photo from lovethesepics.

Crazy kid friendly information tidbit #3 –

Llamas only have front teeth on the bottom and they chew in a figure eight. Can you? Go ahead and try it…I’ll wait. That explains their funny expressions!


Trip planning llama at Machu Picchu

Enjoy llamas? Try writing your name with the llama font!

Crazy kid friendly information tidbit #4 –

Peru grows 3800 different TYPES of potatoes. Would you have even guessed there were that many in the whole world? Where there are potatoes of that number there are potato dishes!!! French fries anyone? Chips? Hash browns?

Trip planning Peru

Doesn’t this fun stuff make you want to start your trip planning for Peru? Stay posted for more fun!

Happy curious travels with the family!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist



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  1. Rob Taylor says:

    What a great collections of fun facts! My husband leaves a note for our kids each day before he goes to work, so I just sent this to him. The turtle tears is such a great fact.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Oh, I know they will love it! This was especially wonderful when my oldest was in a new school and feeling quite shy. I sent jokes to school and the kiddos gathered around. Made for easy conversation starters and also can get a reluctant reader to read – every little bit counts! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you for these travel tidbits – I don’t have kids but these are facts I never knew and will definitely be sharing. Especially the one about Lama’s and their two front teeth!

  3. Them some big potatoes lol. Who knew there were that many different potatoes in the world.. We have a larm farm not far from us here in Australia.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      I can’t wait to see a large variety all at once in the market. I think the colors are so pretty! What do you grow? I always have a small garden. 🙂 Love digging in the dirt.

  4. haha nice, fun tidbits! I actually have noticed that the llamas only have front teeth at the bottom and i did try chewing in a figure 8 pattern. its very difficult! Hurts my jaw! lol

  5. Nice post! I am specially intrigued about the Moras salt flats, because they look so unique! I am sure it will be pretty! And yes, the Llamas, they are the most important bit! I have to plan Peru soon.

  6. Vik says:

    Great read even though I travel alone 🙂

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