Traveling with KIDS – Money , Euros, & Dirhams

Traveling with KIDS – Money  , Euros, & Dirhams

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Money is a part of every trip. We save for the trip and look for the best price on airline tickets, rental cars, and hotels. We even search for the best conversion rates at the bank for our money.

When we arrive at our destination  spend money on food, transportation, and souvenirs. We think about the price and tips. Money is part of our world and a part of our vacations.

We can use this time to have real world lessons and practice with money and math. Teach the kids how to covert one type of money to another. Teach them to compare prices. Teach them to get a percentage so you can leave a tip. Read the restaurant bill first because sometimes the tip is figured in already. Don’t over pay.

Traveling with KIDS – Money, Euros, & Dirhams – Order currency

A kids’ learning happens the best if you can use concrete examples. Money is best learned with real money!

Most banks can order different types of currency. Order the currency you’ll use on your vacation. Let the kids hold it and count it. How does it compare to the currency you use everyday?

We like to let the kids earn their vacation spending money. Read here about combining earning money with getting them physically in shape for vacation walking.

Traveling with KIDS – Money , Euros, & Dirhams – Coins

Coins are tougher because you can only get paper money from the bank. A fun solution is candy!! Are you traveling to Europe? How about some chocolate euros!

Visiting the US? Look at this less common coin in chocolate – the 50 cent piece.

Compare the coins. Are the ones worth the most also the biggest? Notice, and point out to the kids, that in our currency that isn’t the case. The dime is much smaller than the penny and nickel for example.

Are the edges smooth? Are they thicker than our coins?  Have a few to snack on while you enjoy looking at them.

Money from other countries is often much more colorful than money in the US. Let the kids explore and examine and play with colorful play euros.

Traveling with KIDS – Money , Euros, & Dirhams – Things to Talk About with Young Children

Discuss Exchange Rates:

This is a completely new idea for kids – especially when they don’t even have the values of American coins down solid. (A few adults have trouble with this concept, too!) That’s OK. You are just putting a bug in their ear – introducing the idea.

1) Lay out American coins and tell them the value. Does bigger always mean it is worth more? (It is OK if they forget how much a nickel is worth 5 seconds after you tell them. They aren’t learning it forever today.)

2) Lay out the Euros on the table. Tell them that in Europe they use a different type of money, just like they have different languages and food.

3) Put out a quarter. Show they that you can use other coins to equal 25 cents. Explain that it is worth the same amount even when you use different coins. You can exchange a quarter for 2 dimes and a nickel for example.

4) When you go to Europe, you have to use European money instead of American money and you have to exchange or trade your American money for European money. If you want to buy a soda from a machine in Europe, your coins won’t work. You need European coins called Euros.

5) So you have to exchange OUR money for THEIR money. Where do you go to get money? The bank or a special bank like place at the airport just for exchanging money. So you take your American money to the bank and exchange or trade it for euros. The amount they give you for $1 is called the exchange rate.

Traveling with KIDS – Money , Euros, & Dirhams – Things to Talk about with Older Kids

Discuss Exchange Rates:

1 –  Explain the exchange rate is 2 Euros for $1. Give them paper money.

2 – Tell them to pretend they are going to Spain. You are the teller at the bank. Use your best accent. 😉 Let them exchange their American money for Euros.

3 –  You are now the store clerk! Choose an item you have nearby – banana, pencil, whatever. Tell them it costs 2 Euros. Let them ‘buy it’. Once they get the hang of it, let one of them be the store clerk and you can purchase an item. When they are comfortable…leave them to play this game by themselves.

Remember – there is no wrong here. You can’t do it ‘wrong’. Have fun with the kids and make happy memories! The world is a big place. Let’s explore it together!

Math isn’t the only academic skill you can practice while traveling!

Travel can teach kids all sorts of things! Use travel to show them the world AND add to their educational foundation. Reading before you go is a brilliant and fun way to lay a foundation for learning. When kids read about a destination they start thinking….and when they arrive to actually see that destination and have those experiences they are better prepared. Children with this type of preparedness learn and enjoy the experience SOO much more! Increase YOUR child’s intelligence and have fun at the same time. Travel = win/win for the whole family!

Don’t worry about doing all the research to find the books. I’ve already spent HOURS and HOURS doing that for you! Below just click on the destination of YOUR next family adventure and get started! Get all the book ideas you need with these lists of kids’ books on specific destinations.

Read about these destinations with the kids before you travel – 


New York






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Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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