Travel hair: Tips for travelers

Travel Hair: Tips for Easy and Beautiful Hair for Travelers

Day to day women spend hours on hair. The right color, the right style, the right stylist..highlights, lowlights and products: mousse, gel, styling cream, setting gel, hairspray. This is even more true for special occasions like a wedding! I spent hours on the morning of my wedding to get my very straight and long hair wrestled into pretty curls.

The Educational Tourist getting hair styled, Travel Hair,


Curly hair, Travel Hair,

When traveling, we don’t have the time or luggage space to use the  go to products and styles we use at home. Traveling calls for different hair thoughts and expectations.  With very long hair of my own and lots of travel miles behind me…I’ve learned a few things about traveling hair!

Travel Hair: Tips for Easy and Beautiful Hair for Travelers

Travel Hair: Scale back on products.

Look for all your products to do double or triple duty or at least consider a very small container. Have you used dry shampoo? Love the pretty ones from Lush. Aren’t the names awesome? Godiva? Karma Komb? Lullaby? Brazilliant?

If you are interested in traveling really light and using only carry on luggage, consider buying toiletries at your destination. It is fun to live like a local and try the shampoos and soaps locally.

Brandy Lee swears by a low maintenance approach: Wash right before you go and add a bandana a few days later.

Blond woman with bandana, Travel Hair,

Super thick hair? One cool and hip way to cut back on time, hassle, and products is an undercut. Maggie Langeness loves hers.

Undercut for Thick hair, Travel Hair,

Travel Hair:  Braids

Braids are not just for kiddos! I love to braid but have a much harder time doing my own than my daughter’s. Need a refresher or tips? I love the photos and how to videos at Luxy Hair.

Woman getting hair done in undo braid, Travel Hair,

Love this messy side braid from an anonymous traveler at Girls Love Travel.

Messy Side Braid, Travel Hair,

Messy braids are fun! Sara Burgess loves hers.

 messy back braid, Travel Hair,

Braids are awesome for the heat and work on shorter hair, too. Love this from Laura Solof.

 Braids for shorter hair, Travel Hair, Braided pony tails, Travel Hair,

Braids are fantastic for super long hair. Look at this detailed braid from MeganLee Maheshwari.

detailed braids for long hair, Travel Hair,

Travel Hair: Headbands

Not just for kids! Get some fabulous tips for updating headbands for adults from HuffPost Style.

Amy Bensen calls this look ‘organized chaos’. I call it fantastic!!!

Headband with undo, Travel Hair,

Travel Hair: Chignon

Chignon is a French word for bun. Buns are not frumpy and severe anymore. You have so many options!

I love this how to video from The Small Things blog.

Natalie Mare loves her bun!

Bun, Travel Hair,


A top knot keeps hair up and off your neck – great in the heat! Marlena of Top Knot Travel makes it a signature look.

hair Top Knot, Travel Hair,

Travel Hair: Hat

My very favorite all time travel hair tip is to wear a hat. Not only will it keep you cooler with shade you carry around, but will keep you warmer in the winter, too. Best of all – wash your hair, plop on your hat and go. You’ll always look fabulous! Get tips on the RIGHT hat for you!

The Educational Tourist in Spain, Travel Hair,

A hat was my very own fairy godmother who, with a wave of a magic wand and a sprinkle of pixie dust changed…… everything. Now I felt elegant, chic, and oh, so European!

The Educational Tourist wearing hat, Travel Hair,

Sometimes people think they never look good in a hat, but the trick is to choose the right hat. Anyone and any face shape can wear one. Look for tips on how to choose a hat based on your face shape here.

The Educational Tourist in Istanbul, Travel Hair,

Travel Hair: Ponytail

Ponytails aren’t just for young ones anymore!! Find new ways to rock the ponytail on Instyle.

Half up and half down from Maria Tetley

Hair Half Up Half Down, Travel Hair,

What is your secret to easy travel hair?

Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo, Travel Hair,





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17 Responses

  1. Natalie says:

    I love easy braids and buns when I’m traveling! I also make sure to always have a few fun hats packed, too, for those days when my hair just isn’t cooperating on my streamlined product regimen. 🙂

    • NatalieTanner says:

      I need to practice more with braids. I always just throw on a hat, but love braids on others so I need to give it more of a go for myself! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jen Morrow says:

    I typically wear braids on the plane. Then I mix up headbands, ponytails, buns, and hats for various activities.

  3. Sherri King says:

    I tend to go with a ponytail or a hat as my hair isn’t quite long enough for the braid. Thanks for the great tips, I will try some of your other suggestions like the bandana or a thick headband, also.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      I totally LOVE a hat! Sometimes I buy them when I travel which is fun, too…makes a great souvenir! Do you have a favorite brand of hat?

  4. Neha Verma says:

    I am feeling so dumb right now..I didn’t even know this many kind of hair styles could be done. Thanks for sharing. Posts like this will help me become a little stylish 🙂

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Don’t feel bad! Have fun trying new things….always nice to look good in those photos you always take, right?

  5. Diana Chen says:

    I usually go for braids or a ponytail. Interestingly enough, I find it easier to braid my own hair than to braid other people’s hair. Maybe because I’ve had a lot more practice on myself and never have the opportunity to braid others’ hair. In the winter I also like to cover up dirty/messy hair with a beanie.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Wish I could braid mine that easily!! I guess I should practice more. Right now….my braids are always crooked.

  6. TravelingMel says:

    Braids and hats have been my go-to for years. I just got a short haircut here in Croatia — that was an adventure– so I don’t think I have to do anything anymore. Maybe I’ll look for a headband. Hats are essential, though.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      I just love hats, too! Recently I’ve had the pleasure of finding a few during travels. I just bought a fabulous one in New Orleans. LOVE!

  7. Kathy - Walkabout Wanderer says:

    I love lush products especially their solid shampoo. I braid my hair a lot when I am travelling then at night I have lovely waves in my hair.

  8. Abigail says:

    Caring for your hair while traveling is such a nightmare. I always try to bring my own hair care products with me because I can’t ever trust shampoos from hotels. Never!

  9. I love my braids during travel. Its less stressful having not to worry about my hair. Thank you for this.

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