Travel Tips for family vacations

Travel Tips for family vacations

The is always a part omaking it easier really helps you arrive fresh and ready to explore the world! What can you do to make the journey even better? Travel hacks to the rescue!

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Travel Tips for Family Vacations #1 What to Wear on a Plane.

Planes are hot. Planes are cold. Planes are never the perfect temperature and even if they were the perfect temperature for someone, that someone is probably someone else. Thinking ahead of time about what to wear when traveling on a plane is a really good idea!! The best way to deal with the unpredictable temperatures during air travel is to layer. Peel or add layers according the the random temperature you encounter so you can be as comfortable as possible.

Here is my favorite flight outfit ..the top part of this wash in the sink blouse can be removed to leave just the tank in case it is 8 million degrees on the plane or just feels like 8 million degrees to me.

Travel hacks: Airplane travel shirt with 2 layers

Travel Tips for Family Vacations #2 Check in early.

There is nothing like running through the airport or worrying about getting through the security line, which is no doubt longer than ever on the day you are running late, to make you feel stressed and frazzled. Cut out unnecessary stress by showing up early.

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Travel Tips for Family Vacations #3  Pack noise canceling ear phones.

Planes are full of people that talk too much or babies that cry. I have infinite tolerance and patience with babies, but grown ups? Seriously! Use your inside voice!! Not everyone is fascinated by the story someone is telling WAY. TOO. LOUDLY. They aren’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on relaxation! Bring your own zen with you and block out all the annoyances!

Travel Tips for Family Vacations #4 Pack wet wipes.

Wipe off the tray table, and arm rests immediately. The grossness is real. How dirty? Read the gory details here. You will never travel without clorox wet wipes again. LOL!

Travel Tips for Family Vacations  #5 Keep a healthy routine.

Take vitamins, eat healthy and get enough rest – as much as you can stick to this routine as possible, the better off you’ll be. Stay healthy in general and then the occasional treat of the local wine and/or chocolate won’t hurt a thing!

Travel Tips for Family Vacations #6 BYOB – bring your own battery.

Have a portable charging device. There are tons on the market. I use a mophie with my phone to extend the battery life and love it – it is  almost bullet proof which is helpful, too!

Travel Tips for Family Vacations #7 Ask nicely.

It never hurts to ask nicely for things. Is that the best price they can offer? Is it possible to get bumped up to a larger hotel room? Do they give discounts for cash/seniors/children/people with brown hair? It never hurts to ask with a smile.

An example:  Recently we checked into a hotel and I inquired about breakfast. The clerk told me that breakfast was $17.00 per person. That sounded like a lot to me – since we usually just have coffee and tea.  Then, when we realized that we were going to be in a room near the penthouse, we asked about a visit to the top floor to admire the view and that is when the clerk told me we would have access to the penthouse’s FREE breakfast! Woohoo!

Travel Tips for Family Vacations #8 Pack light for a Trip.

Carry as little as possible when you travel. Don’t ask yourself, “Will I need this?” instead ask yourself, “Can I live without this for a few days?” because traveling with a small bag is SOO much easier than lugging heavy bags. This will make you feel lighter both literally and figuratively! Take a small bag and only what you absolutely need to be footloose and fancy free! AND that leaves you room to bring souvenirs home. 

Travel Tips for Family Vacations #9  Empty photos from your phone BEFORE you leave home.

Download the photos on your phone to the computer and then delete from your device. Start your trip with an empty photo file so there is plenty of room for more photos! Wouldn’t it be terrible to get to a fabulous destination and not have room for the photos?  Plan ahead for great family vacations.

Back up all those priceless photos from vacations on a portable back up hard drive. We had a computer crash once and thought we had lost all our photos. Now….we back up everything!!


Use travel tips to make the family adventure as easy as possible so you can enjoy it more! What is your favorite travel tip?

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