Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hawaii

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  1. These are so interesting. I had no idea that snakes were illegal. Very interesting. Good to know we need to bring our own bags too

  2. Really interesting facts. Hawaii doesn’t seem to have a lot in common with the other states! I had no idea that there used to be a King. My kids would love to visit Hawaii one day – looks like there’s loads for them to discover.

  3. Arnav Mathur says:

    Really interesting list of facts. Having seen Hawai in so many pictures and now, reading your post, makes me want to take a trip there.

  4. Hawaii seems like it’s own place really! I haven’t been there and it’s great to read these fun facts about it, because hopefully I will soon! Number 10 was really interesting as well! I guess in New Zealand we have Maori and New Zealanders, Maori are also New Zealanders but not everyone is Maori… but I never thought about there being no other name for Hawaiian!

  5. Only By Land says:

    Technically I have taken my daughter to Hawaii, as the mother was pregnant when we visited, actually we found out she was pregnant in Honolulu. I didn’t know the Islands were growing at 42 acres per year, although I’ve seen images of the volcano spewing out live magma. Interesting fact about there being no snakes, that will make exploring Jurassic Park less worrying! The only state made completely of Islands is an interesting Hawaii fact too.

  6. These are interesting facts. I want to relocate to Hawaii if I could. It is nice that they implement eco-friendly policies such as bringing your own bag. It is also refreshing to know that they do not have billboards. I do not like billboards because they are distracting and massive.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      It is such a gorgeous place and I love that the weather is the same year round. I’ve heard that the locals do not warmly accept people from the mainland at first….so you might need to have a thick skin!

  7. Claire Summers says:

    I’m going to Hawaii next month so this is all so interesting. I love that its still growing. I have a bit of a volcano obsession so I can’t wait to get there and do some hiking.

  8. Kristine says:

    I had no idea that there are no snakes in Hawaii! I always thought there’d be loads of them, because of the climate. Good to know! Hawaii is my number one place on my bucketlist. Always wanted to go there. Also, I didn’t know they once had a king. Fun fact!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      It seem so lush and like a seems like snakes would be everywhere! But no!! Love that!

  9. Yukti says:

    Beautiful pictures of Hawaii and that your description with captions also. Bringing our own bag is really interesting as it reduces pollution. Also vanilla n cocoa are grown here so do the air smell like that? I have not tasted Macadamia nuts but reading this I would really live too have it.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      That is a great question! The air does not smell like chocolate because the ‘smell’ of chocolate doesn’t come until after processing, but…..wouldn’t that be wonderful??!!!

  10. Ada says:

    I love Hawaii, I went there first time last year and I felt in love right away! It was much better that I was expecting, so much different that mainland! I had no idea about any of those facts! Its so interesting! No snakes? Can I just move there right now? 😀

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