Family Vacations – Plan to Spend Time Together

Family Vacations –  Plan to Spend Time Together

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I read an interesting blog the other day about a lady who, while on vacation with her spouse, chose to spend one day alone.Unknown-1

While everyone needs some space, and time alone can be a healthy thing, I disagree with spending an entire day apart on vacation.


Because travel builds memories and strengthens relationships. Think of how much time you spend apart in your every day life…different schedules, different work places, one parent headed to soccer practice while the other parent heads off to a pediatrician’s office. You need time together and vacations are the perfect time to reconnect.10703891_716246545127337_6777728307003279479_n

Family Vacations –  Plan to Spend Time Together – Build appreciation for the other person

Watch their face as they enjoy seeing new things. Watch them soak it all up and experience what the world has to offer. Enjoy their happiness and point it out to your children. Teach them that mom and dad are actually people. LOL!


Family Vacations –  Plan to Spend Time Together -Learn what makes THEIR heart sing

You love this person. Love them even more by understanding what makes them tick. Show your children what it means to be an understanding spouse. Point out how much you appreciate each other and what makes you each special – and different from each other. You don’t have to be exactly alike.


Family Vacations –  Plan to Spend Time Together – Teach patience

Motorcycle museum not your thing? Too bad. To quote this lady from the movie Brother Bear II “It ain’t all about you.” My husband adores motorcycles and I’ve learned so much about this pastime since we met. I share his joy and take the time to build motorcycles into our trips and explain to the kids why that is important. Dad’s interests matter, too!


Teach the kids to be tolerant of your love of impressionistic art…or antique shopping. Again, mom is a real person – with ideas and passions outside of the kids! Share this with them. Mom matters, too.

Remember that not only are you raising wonderful adults, but you are raising future husbands and wives. Show them that you can have interests aside from the parent kind. It will be good for them to understand how to have your own interests and still have a fantastic family life.


And if they can’t come to actual love it…then teach them to make the best of it! Not everyone has to like the same exact things. Sometimes you have to do things for other people and that is an OK lesson to learn as well! Family vacations need to be a mix of things for each person.


Family Vacations –  Plan to Spend Time Together – Broaden Your Mind

I know more now about motorcycles than I ever imagined I would and you know what? It is all good!


Just like moms have room in their heart for all the kids, people have room in the brain for stuff the interest of others.

Teach the kids to think about others, too. Learn about each other’s passions. I know about motorcycles and my husband knows about modern art. We are both the better of it and not just because it makes us more ‘well rounded’, though I guess it does. We share these things – together! Going on motorcycle rides makes him happy and going to museums to see modern art makes me happy. Show the kids how to make their spouse happy – what a gift!


Family Vacations –  Plan to  Spend Time Together – Shared experiences are shared memories

Don’t you enjoy leaning over to that special person and saying, “Wow!! Look at that!” or “OMG….Do you see that?!” Sharing is so much a part of the fun.

Like this bowl of …index fingers??? We had a really good giggle at this strange sight at a Walmart.


The shared experiences you have when you travel are great times to build memories. Create this inside jokes you’ll laugh about for years. Good, bad, or indifferent – all the things that happen on travels make memories that last forever.

Plan your family vacation with a little bit for everyone!IMG_1727

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Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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