Family Vacations with Grandchildren: Tips

Tips for Family Vacations with Grandchildren

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Family Vacations with Grandchildren: Get the kids involved with the planning for your family vacations with grandchildren.

Ask the kids where they would like to go and what they would like to see. Getting them involved in the planning helps get them excited about a trip. Read books and watch movies that have sites from your destination. Have you been before? Share your experiences!

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Family Vacations with Grandchildren: When planning consider their interests for your family vacations with grandchildren.

Think about the kids’ hobbies and extra curricular activities when you plan a trip. Incorporate their loves into your trip if you can and learn more about your grandkids in the process.

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Family Vacations with Grandchildren:  Consider activity levels on your family vacations with grandchildren.

Do you have anyone of napping age along? Even if the kids are a little too old for naps, you might want to build a little quiet time into each day. Quiet reading time or electronic time will let everyone rest and sometimes those who are ‘too old’ for naps fall asleep anyway! Some rest before dinner will have everyone rejuvenated for a lovely evening.

On the other hand, kids who are used to a lot of exercise will need to get the wiggles out. So, if your day is full of quiet and calm activities, you might want to have a little time swimming in the hotel pool or playing catch before bedtime. Dance off in the hotel room is great for energy burning and usually ends with a fit of giggles for everyone!

Family Vacations with the Grandchildren: Build in a little downtime on the family vacations with grandchildren.

A little togetherness can go a long way especially when you are all staying in one room. Taking time to have a little space is healthy and gives everyone a breather. Young children can have movie time with headphones while grandma soaks in the tub or you can have reading time where everyone reads – enjoy the silence.

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Family Vacations with the Grandchildren:  Think about travel insurance for your family vacations with grandchildren.

Things happen – kids get sick, people fall down, train workers go on strike. Consider travel insurance so when bad things happen they don’t ruin the whole trip. Read about travel insurance for families here.

Family Vacations with the Grandchildren: Pack light on family vacations with grandchildren.

You’ll have your hands full watching kids so make sure you pack very light. Instead of lugging suitcases, you’ll be holding little hands to keep everyone safe. Pack lightly and wash! Read more here.

Family Vacations with the Grandchildren:  Get information from parents before family vacations with grandchildren.

Parenting is like riding a bike – you haven’t forgotten how, but no one knows your grandchild like your child does. So go ahead and ask for information. What is the bed time routine? Hated foods? Things that are scary? Food allergies? Rules about food touching or a favorite stuffed animal that needs to be guarded against loss?  Get the scoop before you go so you’ll be ready.

Read more about how to have a GREAT dinner out with the littles.

Family Vacations with the Grandchildren: Throw out the rules because it IS a family vacation!

Who says you can’t have gelato for breakfast? Vacations were meant for fun and grandparenting is the perfect excuse to spoil the kids.  One kiddo melting from too big of a day and hear of having a bath? Skip it! We all know a little dirt won’t hurt anyone.  French fries instead of broccoli? Why not – let the parents deal with veggie duty. Grandparents get to have fun!

Remember what they say….

"If I had known grandchildren were going to be so much fun I would shave had them first. Family Vacation with Grandchildren,

Multigenerational family travel is worth the effort. Plan your family vacations with grandchildren and love it.

Shared experiences make lifelong memories. What a legacy to leave with your grandchildren! Have fun and enjoy the adventures and family vacations with grandchildren!

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Happy travels with the whole family!

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  2. I can relate to all these tips. I am always present in every family getaway with family since I was a kid. And now that I am older, what I still remember is my parents will try to ask me first where I want to spend our vacation. That means, they are considering my like and where I can truly enjoy. Thanks for sharing your post and these helpful tips.

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