The 12 days of Spain – day 6

On the 12th day of Spain, my true love gave to me….


Tell the truth…is this what you think of when you hear the word Picasso?


You are not alone. Picasso actually co-invented this style of art called cubism.

But what about this piece?

photo credit:

photo credit:

This is Picasso’s mother….cleverly named….Picasso’s mother. Can you believe those are both done by the same artist?

Interesting facts about Picasso:

1) His name has 23 words in it.

Pablo Diego Jose Francisco Paula Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruiz y Picasso

2) HIs first word was pencil.

3) His father taught him to paint.  By the time Picasso was 13 he was so much better at painting than his father that his father gave up painting forever.

4) He wrote poetry. Lots and lots of poetry – 300+ poems

5) He co-invented cubism and collage. (Can you imagine that collage, which is when an artist uses lots of images put together on one page, was once….not around?)

6) More of Picasso’s paintings have been stolen than any other artist in the world. (Any ideas on why?)

Why talk about Picasso and Spain?

Picasso was born in Spain. (Some people think he is French because he spent so much time in France.) One of his most famous works is called Guernica and hangs in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

photo credit:

photo credit:

If you want to learn more about Picasso try these books:

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Kids love Picasso – he work is right up their alley! How often do you get to draw and not worry about where the nose is? Or even how many noses there are? When you create in Picasso’s cubist style you feel great because you can’t really get it ‘wrong’. The freedom makes it fun!

Try this link for a fun art activity for kids a la Picasso. Don’t be shy. Sit down beside them and give it a try!

Picasso Portraits – Kindergarten Style!

Happy travels and memory making!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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