Curious Kids – Pablo Picasso Facts

Curious Kids – Pablo Picasso Facts

Picasso art with The Educational Tourist

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Tell the truth…is this what you think of when you hear the word Picasso? Modern art? Two noses per person? You are not alone. Picasso actually co-invented this style of art called cubism.
Curious kids love to try out new things! Try out Pablo Picasso’s style with this cool book, Draw with Pablo Picasso from Ana Salvador.

But what about this piece by Pablo Picasso. Did you have any idea he was such a gift painter in the realism style? Me neither!

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This is Pablo Picasso’s mother….cleverly named….Picasso’s mother. Can you believe those are both done by the same artist?

Pablo Picasso facts: His name has 23 words

Drumroll please…..Pablo Picasso’s name is….

Pablo Diego Jose Francisco Paula Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruiz y Picasso

Can you imagine trying to learn to spell this name in kindergarten? How in the world did his parents ever fill out a form? There is not enough room in those little squares for ‘first name’ ‘middle name’ and ‘last name’ for 23 names!

Pablo Picasso facts:  HIs first word was pencil.

You never know what someone’s first word will be. In this case, his first word sure foreshadowed what was to come!

My son’s first word was bone. We always sang in the car, ‘This old man. He played one…..with a knick knack paddle whack, give a dog a bone” One day I paused at the word bone and he filled in! Do we think this will foreshadow his future career? Maybe he’ll be a vet??

Tell your kids what their first words were and talk about any foreshadowing. Kids love to hear all about when they were younger. Tell them how adorable they were then and are now!

Pablo Picasso facts:  His father taught him to paint.

By the time Picasso was 13 he was so much better at painting than his father that his father gave up painting forever.

Pablo Picasso facts:  He wrote poetry.

Pablo Picasso just loved poetry and he wrote a lot of poetry. Lots and lots of poetry, more than 300+ poems!

Pablo Picasso facts: He co-invented cubism and collage.

Can you imagine that collage, which is when an artist uses lots of images put together on one page, was once….not around? Once upon a time there was no such thing as collage. What did kindergarten and art teachers do without collage? Thank you, Picasso!

Pablo Picasso facts:  Picasso’s works were not on the Titanic

Contrary to the movie Titanic, which shows some Picasso paintings being admired by the main character, Pablo Picasso did not have any paintings on board the doomed ship.

Pablo Picasso Nationality – Where was Pablo Picasso born?

People often associate Pablo Picasso with France and think that perhaps he was born there. Not true! We associate Pablo Picasso with France because he spent a lot of time there and enjoyed wearing a beret.

In fact, Pablo Picasso was born in Spain. One of his most famous works is called Guernica and hangs in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

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Pablo Picasso facts: Kids Books

Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail by Laurence Anholt The shy Sylvette poses for Pablo Picasso. His creations of her become famous and then she became  an artist herself. Length: 32 pages. Written for kids age:  6-9 Lexile Measurement: 670L.

Lumpito and the Painter of Spain by Monica Kulling You are never too old to enjoy a fun picture books and they are great ways to get a conversation started. This story was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s much beloved dachshund named Lump. Length: 32 pages. Written for kids aged: 5 – 10 but good for any age. Lexile Measure: AD 620L.51MNHQwzR0L._SX258_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_

Kids love Picasso because his art style is right up their alley! How often do you get to draw and not worry about where the nose is? Or even how many noses there are? When you create in Picasso’s cubist art style you feel great because you can’t really get it ‘wrong’. The freedom makes it fun!

Try this link for a fun art activity for kids a la Picasso. Don’t be shy. Sit down beside them and give it a try!

Picasso art 3 musicians at the MET

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Happy travels and memory making!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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