Survive Long Airport Layovers with Kids

5 Tips – Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS

Layovers are a part of the travel life. Whether you are expecting them or a plane is delayed and suddenly you are faced with an unexpected layover the key to survive long airport layovers with kids is to be prepared! Toss a few of these simple to make and easy to use ideas in your bag of tricks and never dread a layover again!

1)  Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS: Who is your Mummy?

kids wrapped in toilet paper like mummies, Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS:

Pack a roll of toilet paper and settle into a corner of the airport. Choose one family member to wrap up as a mummy.  Or pack two rolls and make teams and race. Either way, the giggles will begin! You’ll be a magnet for other kids, too.

Thanks Sharon at The Invitation Boutique for the fun idea and photo.

2) Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS: Ball of Yummies

Ball of treats wrapped in Saran Wrap, Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS:

This will keep everyone busy! Use saran wrap or tape or bubble wrap or some combination to wrap up candies and small toys. Unwrap until someone finds a goodie and then the next person gets a chance.

Or give one child the ball and the other a pair of dice. One unwraps while the other rolls the dice. When the dice roller gets a double….they switch.

Thanks I am a Cub Master What Now for the great idea and photo.

3) Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS: Walk Like an Egyptian


Is that song stuck in your head now? Ha! Ha! Me, too!

Go to the corner where you have some space and have the kids ‘walk’ back and forth.

Crab Walk 

Ask your kids – they know how! It is a common PE activity. Get down on hands and feet – looking up.

Elephant Walk

Bend from the waist and use one arm as a trunk. Swing it back and forth as you trumpet along!

Frankenstein Walk

Frankenstein, Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS,


Have the kids make some up. Try walking like a penguin… This is a great way to stretch legs and get the wiggles out before it is time to settle into an airplane seat again.

4) Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS: Storytime

Leave dad with the luggage and take the kiddos on a walk – back and forth in front of your gate.


Start at Point A and begin telling a story…Don’t be afraid – anything goes!

Start out with something like this….

Once upon a time there was a fuzzy hamster named Barbajune. (Crazy names are always fun.) Barbajune had always dreamt of seeing the world so he got out his suitcase and prepared for the journey. He chose his favorite pjs = the fuzzy ones with feet and dragons on them, his night vision goggles, because you just never know when those are going to come in handy, and his trusty stuffed lemur, because it is always more fun to travel with a friend. Hmmmmm….where should he go first?

Hamster, Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS,


You talk until you get to Point B. Then, let kiddo continue. When you get back to Point A let the other kiddo continue.

Walking back and forth helps get the wiggles out before you sit on a plane for a long time, too!

Layovers don’t have to be a nightmare! Enjoy the journey. You are creating memories even with unexpected detours.

The Educational Tourist at Southpoint Hawaii, Survive Long Airport Layovers with KIDS:

Happy travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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  1. Sarah says:

    Ball of yummies, I’m totally doing that next time we’re at the airport! Great tips thanks.

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Sure keeps everyone busy for sure!! Hit the Dollar Store for the treats and it is every cheap! Thanks for stopping by!

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