Stop packing too much!

Stop Packing Too Much!

It goes without saying that mom is synonymous with sherpa. It still amazes me all these years later how many pounds and sheer volume of stuff, such tiny little infants need. Seriously! The diaper bag usually outweighs the baby for the first year or so of life!  A baby requires an extra hour of planning and packing and 27 pounds of stuff in a diaper bag bigger than the baby just to the grocery store to pick up dog food!

How in the world are you going to vacation…far away…with the baby??



Stop Packing Too Much – Plan on washing

Plan on bringing just a few days worth of things and then washing. I know that no one wants to do washing on vacation, but consider this…you’ll save tons of energy from NOT lugging things around! It will save you money, too, because heaven knows checking bags are expensive. Read more on how to easily do laundry on vacation!

Stop Packing Too Much – Double Duty

Make things to double duty! Pack just one blanket for warmth and beach duty. Sundresses can be cover ups. Choose toys carefully, too! Toys that can offer more than one type of game are the best type to pack. Get more tips on choosing the BEST toy for your travels!

Stop Packing Too Much – Rent

Check out this new and crazy great idea from two Californian brothers, numbers 6 and 9 in a family of 14 kids.  Talk about experts in carrying kid stuff around – their parents had more than 20 years experience!!


Partage logo

Partage is a cool site that connects you with others who wan to  rent stuff in the San Francisco Bay area. No more schlepping tons of stuff everywhere you travel. Just use this high tech, easy phone app to find what you need to rent.

First, choose the item you want to rent.

Think outside the box here. Rent toys that are new to your child. Rent a stroller so you don’t have to bring yours – ditto the carseat!

Choose the time you need it.

Can it get any easier than this? Choose when you need it and where you either will pick it up or where you want them to deliver it.

Enjoy and return.

Think how easy it will be to travel without SO much stuff!

Where is this awesome service available?

Partage is available in the San Francisco Bay area, but I have no doubts this company will do so well it will expand. Give them a call and let them know you want them in your neck of the woods, too!

But, wait! There’s more! For the first 30 people to click here…the rental is completely


Love this great idea by the Partage staff – currently available in the San Francisco bay area including San Jose and Oakland. This marvelous idea needs to go global!

Partage company

If you weren’t planning a trip to San Fran just yet – this has to be another great reason to visit the city. FREE rentals? Sign up now and this time bring only the baby without the stuff!

Stop Packing Too Much – Buy THERE

Look ahead to see if Amazon or one the local grocery stores will deliver things like diapers and baby food. No need to schlep all that around! My local grocery store even delivers for FREE! I know because recently I broke my foot and grocery shopping while on crutches is the devil, I’m telling you! Learn about delivery. The concierge at your hotel will be a great source for information!

Stop Packing Too Much – Get the local scoop

Can you borrow? Rent? Buy things at your location? Get ALL the scoop on local things you’ll need for your family from a LOCAL! Mom Aboard is made up of moms from all over the globe. Check in with them to get a very specific destination advice from a LOCAL. I’m the Austin expert!

Need more travel tips?

 ALL the packing light info for families!

Fear NOT the electronics ban! Keep kids happily busy on a plane.

Happy travels without all the stuff,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


Lovely sherpa photo from Inmagine.


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