Sirkeci Mansion Hotel in Istanbul- REVIEW

Sirkeci Mansion, Istanbul

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Our last two nights in Turkey were spent in Istanbul at the Sirkeci Mansion. It is beautiful and has many western comforts that make this an easy and comfortable stay- even in the heat of summer! As a matter of fact, it felt like a very nice Western hotel from the moment we stepped into the front door.

Serkici Mansion Hotel Istanbul lobby,

Sirkeci Mansion – Rooms

Our 2 room suite was comfortable for our family of four – one room had a queen sized bed and the other room had 2 twins. I love the decor with the lovely cutout wood on the walls and flowers. The rooms were nice and dark at night, which I find heavenly for a good night’s sleep! Greeting us in our room, was a brass container full of  turkish delight and several bottles of water. The staff reminded us not to drink the hotel’s tap water and said the bottled water is free. You need only ask for more when you run out.

flower and decor, Serkici Mansion Hotel Istanbul,

Sirkeci Mansion – Bathrooms

The bathrooms were cozy and warmed up nicely when you were in the shower. This is important considering they have a different shower ‘door’  than in the states. It only covers the front portion of the tub which is perfect for keeping in the water, but not necessarily steam. The bathroom also had soaps, shampoos and the always present Turkish exfoliating scrubber! The Turks believe in exfoliation and these small scrubbers are everywhere. Buy a few as souvenirs! A beautiful touch was the ribbon trim on the bathrobes which matched the lovely tile on the bathroom walls.

bathroom tile, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul hotel,

Robe matches bathroom tile, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul,

Sirkeci Mansion – Hotel Decor

The hotel itself is just beautiful. I loved the flowers and woodwork and sitting area.

Sitting Room, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul,

Art, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul hotel,

Look at this amazing stained glass ceiling!

Stained glass, Sirkeci Mansion hotel Istanbul,

Sirkeci Mansion – Breakfast

The breakfast buffet was large and had an amazing variety! This was the first time during our Turkey visit that we encountered many types of bread – some familiar like croissants and some new to us like the Turkish Easter bread. Enjoy a little taste of each!

breakfast buffet, Sirkeci Mansion hotel Istanbul,

Calories don’t count while you are on vacation, right? A big hit with the kids was getting some honey from a real honey comb.

honeycomb breakast buffet, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul,

Enjoy the beautiful dining room while you sip your coffee, tea, or one of the many types of fresh juice. A perfect start to a busy day of exploring – full tummies for all and fully caffeinated adults. 😉

dining room, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul Turkey,

Sirkeci Mansion – Location

The location for this hotel was very nice and steps from the front door were shops of all types. You are close to walking the Golden Horn and catching the tram, which can take you to many of your Istanbul destinations easily. Ask the staff for tips on the correct tram stop and have a cup of the tea while you make your plans. It is always hot and available.

hot tea pot, Sirkeci mansion Istanbul Turkey,

Sirkeci Mansion – Relax

Take a dip into the pool or exercise in the weight room (if you can find the energy after a long day of sight seeing!).

boy and girl in indoor swimming pool, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul,

Visit the hammam or schedule a massage. Try to find time to visit a hammam because it is a fantastic experience! Read about hammam experience next week.  But if you choose not to have the Turkish bath experience at least pop into this one for a look. Cool place. It is actually white marble, but the lights made it look purple.

hammam, Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul,

Yeliz can schedule everything and is such a sweet and happy person – such a delight! Hubby had a foot massage and said it was fantastic after a long day of cobble stones!

The Educational Tourist and staff Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul Hotel ,

This Western type hotel feels lush and comfortable. Perfect for anyone who loves beautiful surroundings, especially business travelers, families, and retirees. We were given a discount in exchange for this honest review. Honestly – fantastic hotel with so many wonderful reasons to visit.

chandelier Sirkeci Mansion Istanbul hotel,

One tip:   The street has stores right outside the front door….literally. With so many to choose from think about avoiding Bazaar 48, which is literally across the narrow street from the front door. The man there wanted to overcharge 3x the amount for the same item we literally bought 2 stores down and then was extremely rude when we wanted to leave. He actually called us ‘Liars’. Can you believe it? It was our ONLY negative experience in Turkey and one you can avoid by choosing another store. They really all sell similar items. Have a happier shopping experience somewhere else.

The Educational Tourist at Bosphorus Strait,

Happy Travels and restful nights,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo, Hotel Sirkeci,



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